5th Annual Sculpture Trail

Creepy Crawley sculpture

From a stack of watermelon slices at Town Square and a massive dog bone at our dog park to an abstract bug that begs to be crawled on at Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library and our first-ever illuminated sculpture in Horne Square: there's something for everyone in the 5th Annual Clayton Sculpture Trail! Look for this awesome artwork in Downtown Clayton and beyond, including three new locations.

Here's a list of the sculptures featured in the 2017 to 2018 trail and their locations. Watch a video about each sculpture!

Each sculpture is accompanied by a plaque recognizing the artist. On the plaques you'll find QR codes, which you can scan with your smartphone to watch a video and learn more about each piece and its artist right there as you stand in front of the sculpture!

The Public Art Advisory Board's selection committee is comprised of local artists, residents, business owners, elected officials, civic leaders and Town staff. On the Board are Mayor Jody McLeod; Councilman Bob Satterfield; Sara Perricone, chairwoman of the Public Art Advisory Board; Larry Strevig member of the Public Art Advisory Board and former president of Clayton Visual Arts; Paul Black, owner of The Historic Wagner House; Maleah Christie, owner of Revival 1869; Dana Wooten, executive director of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce; Kim Helmer, resident of Clayton; and Terri Black, local artist.

For lending us their work, the artists receive a $1,000 honorarium for each sculpture on display for the coming year. In addition, each artist will be eligible to compete in a People's Choice vote, in which the public selects the winner of an additional $1,000 award. We also proudly feature the artists' work on brochures that are distributed to businesses and organizations throughout the area.

Want to have a say about public art in Clayton? Apply to join the Public Art Advisory Board, a dedicated group of volunteers that is also responsible for the Clayton Sculpture Trail, the colorful fish that adorn Sam's Branch Greenway.