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Utility Tracker

Want to know how much water/electricity you use in real time? Now you can! 

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To set up your account, you will need:

  • Your utility account number
  • The number of your street address
  • The email associated with your utility account

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Energy Loan Program

Are you a homeowner who is thinking about making your home more efficient, so you can lower your usage and your monthly utility bill?

With this interest free program, you can install things like new windows, storm doors, new insulation and more!

Repayments are conveniently added to your monthly utility bill.

For any questions, call us at 919-553-5002 or apply now.

Loan Amount Repayment TimeMonthly Payment
$500One Year$41.66
$1,000One Year$83.33
$1,500Two Years$62.50
$2,500Two Years$104.16
$3,500Three Years$97.22
$4,500Three Years$125.00
$5,000Three Years $138.88

Don't Let Leaks Go Unnoticed 

Leaky pipes and hidden water leaks can cause significant increases in usage and lead to costly utility bills. If you suspect that you may have a leak or water problem, feel free to call our Utility and Billing Department for more information.

If you have detected a leak and repaired it, you can fill out this form and email the completed document to to receive a possible leak adjustment. 



See how the winter chill and summer heat affect your energy use - and your monthly energy bill.

TempTracker 365™ records daily high and low temperatures in ElectriCities member communities.

You can use it to create monthly calendars that show which days, weeks, or months were extremely hot or cold, causing heating and cooling systems to run longer. You can also see which days had milder temperatures and didn’t result in as much energy use.