Private Development

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The Town of Clayton Engineering Department administers the Development process from Utility Permitting to Construction Drawing review to Final Infrastructure Acceptance. The information below is provided to aid to applicants in private development processes. 

Utility Permitting

All Development plans submitted to the Planning Department for review by the Technical Review Committee (TRC), are required to provide preliminary utility plans and submit the Water & Wastewater Allocation Request Form and Scoring sheet. Engineering staff will review the submitted plans and allocation request and provide feedback to the applicant on utility availability, required improvements, and other any other requirements. Prior to receiving TRC Certification from Engineering, Engineering staff will finalize utility service locations and allocation requests which are subject to approval by Town Council. 

Upon TRC Certification, applicants will submit a construction drawing application to the Engineering Department for review to ensure compliance with the Town's Manual of Specifications, Standards, and Design (MSSD).

Plan Review

The Engineering Department manages Construction Drawing submittal review and approval for public infrastructure (streets, water, sewer, and power), stormwater management, and erosion and sediment control. Plans are reviewed by members of various Town departments to ensure compliance with the Town's MSSD, Unified Development Code (UDC), Building Code, Fire Code, and other applicable adopted codes, policies, and procedures.

All Engineering Forms and Applications are submitted to the Planning and Engineering Development Services Coordinator.

In-Person and UPS/Fedex Delivery:

Town of Clayton, Engineering Department
Attn: Development Services Coordinator
111 E. Second Street
Clayton, NC 27520

USPS Mailed Delivery:

Town of Clayton, Engineering Department
Attn: Development Services Coordinator
PO Box 879
Clayton, NC 27528

Electronic Submission:

Please review the applicable Engineering Forms and Applications for specific submittal instructions, timelines, fees, and other information.

Engineering Forms and Applications