Who trims the trees?

The Town of Clayton contracts with professional tree trimming companies who use trained, skilled technicians who utilize a technique called "directional pruning." While rounding over trees may look better, international arbor organizations maintain that directional pruning is better for the health of the tree. With directional pruning, entire limbs or portions of limbs growing toward the lines are removed at the main branch or trunk. They are removed at a point where they would naturally shed. By doing this, future growth will be directed away from the wires, and rapidly growing attached sprouts will be minimized.

Each tree is different and must be considered individually. Species growth habit (rate, size, shape, etc) and the tree's position in relation to the power line needs to be taken into consideration prior to trimming. The current condition of the tree or individual limbs is also assessed before trees are trimmed. On occasion, structural defects are found and need to be corrected in order to protect the line. Trees with trunks close to the power lines require much heavier pruning than trees located farther from the line. Some techniques that are appropriate on most deciduous trees cannot be used on some coniferous (cone-bearing) species.

When pruning operations are performed, our trimming experts make every attempt to trim sufficient clearance so that the tree will remain safe until we return on our next routine maintenance cycle.

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