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Town of Clayton Facilities Back to Normal Operation - Garbage Routes Running Saturday


Town Facilities are back to normal hours
Including Town Hall, The Clayton Center, Clayton Community Center & Clayton Library
All Star Waste has completed Wednesday routes and started on Thursday.
They'll complete the rest of Thursday and Friday routes on Saturday. 

Anywhere from 2 to 4.7 inches of snow were reported for Clayton to the National Weather Service in Raleigh. Town leaders decided to close Wednesday and Thursday, open late Friday, but are now back to normal operations. .

While our awesome Town of Clayton crews had parking lots plowed and streets are all passable, icy and dangerous conditions persist on shaded, hilly and secondary roadways that NCDOT crews simply haven’t been able to reach yet. Temps are still only slowly climbing out of freezing range.

Please STAY OFF THE ROADS! At least until the sun and rising temperature can help SOME of this ice to melt. It's still very slippery and dangerous on the roads.

We'd also like to brag on our Clayton Public Power crews - they work hard through out the year on maintenance and a tree-trimming program and we're proud to say...we've had NO power outages from this storm! Knock on wood!

Thank you for your patience with town services and STAY SAFE EVERYONE!

*Amelia Church Road – is BACK OPEN from just past Hudson’s Hardware and the Little Creek bridge TO Middleton Street near the Lionsgate water slides.  (If you live in Amelia Village apartments, you will be able to access your home!)  Drivers were detouring down Shotwell or Guy Road, or coming down 42 West, Clayton Police felt it was too treacherous last night and early this morning, but again...Amelia Church hill section is NO LONGER BLOCKED.   

EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER FOR ROAD & POWER CREWS: We may be standing up our Emergency Operations Center this morning. That means police, fire, electric, and streets personnel will be in a command center gathering information, monitoring the situation and dispatching crews as needed. Every single member of our Clayton Public Power team is on standby here locally to be ready respond to outages immediately. If your power is out for more than 15 minutes, we’re aware – our system lets us know – but you can call our Operations Center at 919-553-1530 to let us know. if you'd looking for power restoration estimates, please know that when you call, that information may not be available to our staff or to 911 dispatchers as crews are busy in the field and can't always provide updates. Rest assured, those Clayton Public Power crews will work as quickly and safely as they can to get everyone's power and heat back on!! Keep in mind,  those calls can overwhelm the emergency operators who need to deal with life-safety issues. Please, stay away from downed power lines! 

SHELTERS: If you do lose power and would like to bring your family to someplace warm, Smithfield Rescue Mission is prepared to offer emergency shelter to individuals requiring refuge from the cold

The Smithfield Rescue Mission - Men Only Facility
523 Glenn Street, Smithfield NC  27577
Phone Number:  919-934-9257
(There is no phone attendant after 6:00 pm but men can go directly to 523 Glenn Street)

The Good Neighbor House offers shelter to women and children only.  The safety and wellbeing of small children at the facility is a prime concern and there is a screening process before allowing new residents.  Staff has requested that any potential residents should be in contact with their office no later than 3 p.m. daily.  

The Good Neighbor House - Women and Children Only Facility
2255 Swift Creek Road, Smithfield NC  27577
Phone Number:  919-934-9257

ROAD CLOSURES: Because of the dangerous slope of some of our area road and the threat of ice - we are pre-staging barricades for potential road closures at the following streets:

*North O’Neil/Covered Bridge– MAY be blocked from Oakdale Avenue (the entrance of Rollingwood subdivision) TO Covered Bridge Road.  If you live in between those areas, you should be able to access your home!  We know O’Neil is a major thoroughfare in and out of town, but that section has a notorious S-curve and a steep hill.  To detour around, drivers can take NC 42 East to Castleberry Road or Shotwell Road back to Covered Bridge, but again, we can not vouch for how safe conditions will be on those roads either. 

Bottom line: we recommend everyone PLEASE SAY OFF THE ROADS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TRAVEL!  After the February 2014 storm that left hundreds of people stranded on roads in the Triangle, the state created a universal practice of marking abandoned vehicles left on or around our roads – emergency responders will now tie a 3ft. piece of caution tape around the door mirror closest to the road. So if you see a car abandoned with yellow crime or fire tape tied on the mirror, you know it means our emergency responders have checked to make sure no one is inside and you don’t need to call 911.

If you’d like updates or to follow along as we weather this storm, please check our website ClaytonNC.org, check our Facebook page TownofClayton or follow us on Twitter @TownofClayton or @ClaytonPolice

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