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Local Track Stars, Wastewater Capacity, Water/Sewer Rate Study, 12-lot Subdivision Public Hearing and much more at Monday's Town Council Meeting


We hope you will join us 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 20 for the Clayton Town Council meeting at The Clayton Center/Town Hall, 111 East Second Street in Downtown Clayton.

You can view the full agenda packet online here, or click here to download a PDF copy. Here are the highlights:

Recognition of Evolution Track Club's Participation in National Championships

The Town Council will welcome leaders and athletes of Evolution Track Club, who have just returned from representing Johnston County in national championships.

This youth club was founded in 2010 and remains the first and only youth track and field organization in Johnston County. It started as a summer outdoor track club, and has now expanded to offer cross country and indoor track and field.

As the organization continues to grow, former members have gone on to national fame, including Clayton’s own Kendra Harrison, who is the current U.S. World Record holder in the woman’s 100-meter hurdles. Numerous current and former Evolution Track Club athletes are nationally ranked.

This summer, Evolution athletes qualified from the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Indoor National Championships in Maryland and the USA Track & Field (USATF) Outdoor Jr. Olympic Track and Field National Championship in Greensboro.

Introduction of New Town Employees

The Council will meet the Town's new deputy clerk, Heidi Holland, and our newest planner, Damiere Powell.

Wastewater Capacity Update

With the Town of Clayton continuing to grow, the Council requested an update on current and future wastewater demands and capacity. The Wooten Company, a design and engineering firm, will make a presentation reviewing both existing conditions and projected conditions, laying out various options for treatment, to include building a new treatment facility in Town.

At this time, Clayton operates one municipal treatment plant, flowing 2 million gallons of wastewater per day (mgd). An additional 1 mgd is sent to a treatment plant in Raleigh and about 1.3 million flows to Johnston County’s plant.

Town leaders want to understand how Clayton can maintain and expand that capacity, with the knowledge that where that growth is happening will dictate where that flow can be sent.

Water/Sewer Rate Study – Part I

Town Council will receive the first of two presentations on a study of our municipal water and sewer rates. The Town of Clayton contracted with Black & Veatch to evaluate the overall fiscal health of the Town’s Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund and to develop a rate model that will support the ongoing maintenance and operating costs. The study will also examine the expenditures expected in the next decade.

This initial presentation will help Council and the public understand the financial model that will be used to come up with the rate structure. On Sept. 17, Black & Veatch will return to give the Council its recommendations for future water and sewer rates.

A public hearing for any rate changes is tentatively scheduled for October. No changes would take effect before Jan. 1.

Public Hearing for Canady Landing: 12 houses near Intersection of Jack and Barber Mill Roads

True Line Surveying seeks major subdivision approval to develop 12 single-family houses on 8.48 acres of a 19.27-acre tract owned by the James Canady Life Estate. The land is located on Jack Road just west of the intersection of Barber Mill Road, which is south of Clayton in the Town's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ.)

The site plan shows the lots situated around a single new street and cul-de-sac to be accessed from the south via Jack Road. The houses would receive water from Johnston County and use septic tanks for sewer.

The developer – listed as James Lipscomb Developer on the site plan – is seeking waivers to Town's requirements for building sidewalks and curbs/gutters along the streets because the roads would ultimately be dedicated to NCDOT, and the Town generally does not maintain sidewalks outside of Town limits. If the Council grants the sidewalk waiver, Staff recommends charging a fee-in-lieu of their construction.

On July 23, the Planning Board recommended approval of the major subdivision and waivers, with a fee-in-lieu to be charged for the unbuilt sidewalks.

Appointments to the Clayton Downtown Development Association

The Town Council will consider appointments to fill three vacancies on the Clayton Downtown Development Association. The three-year terms would run through June 30, 2021.

The first candidates, Alison Kilpatrick, is a newcomer to the CDDA. Kilpatrick has lived in Clayton for 40 years, works for the Clayton Civitan Club and has a breadth of experience serving with local nonprofits.

Neal Stancil, a Pepsi sales manager, lives in Downtown Clayton and served on the CDDA from 2006 to 2008.

The third candidate, Kim Lawter, is a longtime CDDA member, downtown Clayton resident, president of the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, and wife of Councilman Butch Lawter.

Fire Advisory Board Annual Update

Board member Matt Vessie will give the Council an update on the Clayton Fire Department Advisory Board. Comprising residents of the Town of Clayton and the broader Claytex fire district, the board assists the Clayton fire chief with budgeting and provides a venue for open communication.

Sanders Family Reconnection Recognition

The Town Council will recognize the history and contributions of the descendants of the Sanders family, who are holding their first Johnston County-wide Reconnection Reunion on Aug. 25.

Mayor Jody McLeod will present the family with a signed letter of recognition. Here's an excerpt:

We appreciate the significant contributions, collectively and individually your descendants have made, to the economic, social, cultural, spiritual, and intellectual life of our county since its creation. 

We understand the importance of the Sanders Reconnection Week, Aug. 19-25, 2018, that will allow Sanders descendants to come together, gather information about their ancestors, and reunite on the soil where their ancestors toiled, culminating in a program on Saturday, August 25, 2018, at the Smithfield Recreation and Aquatic Center.

We appreciate the Sanders descendants joining together in Johnston County from near and far, from different walks of life, to attend this momentous occasion and recognize their ancestors, honor their culture, and reconnect families once separated due to enslavement.

The Clayton Town Council shares the importance of restoring families and send along our best wishes for a joyous reunion.

Setting Sept. 4 Public Hearings

The Town Council will take a first look at the following items and consider scheduling public hearings for them on the Monday, Sept. 4 agenda:

Dumpster Amortization Ordinance Amendment (Aug. 27 Planning Board)

The Planning Department is proposing a dumpster amortization ordinance amendment, which would give property owners until Sept. 4, 2020, to bring non-conforming dumpster service areas into compliance with the screening requirements outlined in the Town's Unified Development Code (155.402(G)(2)). (An amortization, such as this one, is a process by which property owners are given a specific amount of time to come into compliance with the UDC.)

Ultimately, the amendment would require all dumpster service areas to be fully enclosed by opaque walls, gates, and/or fences at least eight feet in height. Enclosures would need to be constructed of the same materials as the main building on the site.

Additionally, service areas would be required to meet specific location and landscaping requirements as outlined in the Unified Development Code.

On Aug. 27, the Planning Board will review the proposed amortization plan. More info, including the exact wording of the plan, will be included in future agenda packets.

For more, call the Planning Department at 919-359-9399.

Avalon Center Rezoning: Nick's Flippin Kids Building at 9257 U.S. 70 Business (Aug. 27 Planning Board)

Michael De Maria and Teddy Hobbs seek rezoning of 8.07 acres at 9257 U.S. 70 Business to I-1 Industrial-Light from B-3 Highway Business.

The land, owned by Mt. Chestnut Leasing LLC, holds a 110,000-square-foot building that originally housed Ashley Furniture, and later Chloe's Furniture.

Currently, Nick's Flippin Kids uses space in the front of the building for children's gymnastics.

On Aug. 27, the Planning Board will review the rezoning. More info, including site plans and staff reports, will be included in future agenda packets.

For more, call the Planning Department at 919-359-9399.

Tew Court Rezoning: Vacant Lot off Gateway Drive (Aug. 27 Planning Board)

Jerry Pound seeks rezoning of 1.546 acres to B3 Highway Business from B3 Highway Business Special-Use District.

Currently vacant and unaddressed, the land is located west of Gateway Drive on Tew Court. That's in the professional park located across U.S. 70 Business from from the ABC Store. The lot is sandwiched between Kids ’R’ Kids Learning Academy of Clayton and 501 Gateway Drive, which houses multiple professional tenants including Chiropractic Partners and InSight Eye Care.

Special-use districts require all potential uses to go through the special use process in order to operate, regardless of what the base zoning district permits. That extra step can take up to 90 days before a new tenant can open for business on a site. In 2015, the Town Council directed staff to examine the locations of special-use districts and consider removing them on a case-by-case basis.

On Aug. 27, the Planning Board will review the rezoning. More info, including site plans and staff reports, will be included in future agenda packets.

For more, call the Planning Department at 919-359-9399.

Camel Street Townhouses: 66 Lots South of Cooper Academy

Sanderson Engineering Inc. seeks major subdivision approval and a special-use permit to develop 66 townhouse lots on 7.48 acres near the intersection of Mial and Camel streets. 

Owned by SCA Ventures, the land is part of a 8.98 acre parcel that sits south of Cooper Elementary and wraps around Barnes Funeral Home & Cremation. The land is zoned Residential-8, which requires a special-use permit for development of townhouses.

Sidewalk is proposed along Camel Street and a total of 132 shared parking spaces are proposed to serve the townhouses.

On Aug. 27, the Planning Board will review the major subdivision and special-use permit. More info, including site plans and staff reports, will be included in future agenda packets.

For more, call the Planning Department at 919-359-9399.

Updating Sewer High-Strength Surcharge

Utilities & Billing Director Ann Game will request the Council pass through changes to the sewer high-strength surcharge, which Johnston County plans to hike by 5 cents to $2.16 per 1,000 gallons beginning Oct. 1. The fee only affects commercial and industrial customers.

On Monday, the Council will consider setting a Sept. 4 public hearing for the fee change.

On a related note, under Staff Reports, Deputy Town Manager Nancy Medlin will present the Council with a newly reorganized and reformatted version of the Town's Comprehensive List of Fees & Charges. The updated document is condensed down to five pages from 32 and should allow residents to find the information they need with greater speed and ease.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions about the agenda or any other Town-related issues, please feel free to email Public Information Officer Stacy Beard or call her at 919-358-0348. You may also email Assistant Public Information Officer John Hamlin or call him at 919-480-0170.

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you at the meeting.

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