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New Parking Spaces Coming to Second Street


Expect minor traffic delays around Town Hall/The Clayton Center today as crews are beginning the process of paving new parking spaces on Second Street. 

Today, they're "proof rolling" - essentially rolling a big heavy truck over the parking area to make sure the ground underneath is compacted enough to soon lay asphalt. It will require Second Street between Fayetteville and Church streets to be temporarily blocked throughout the morning/afternoon today. 

This project will add 20 additional angled parking spaces at Town Hall/The Clayton Center. Ten new spaces will be added to Fayetteville Street and 10 new spaces on Second Street. This will be public parking that can be used by any visitors to downtown. 

The project is expected to be complete before the kick-off to the Town’s Sesquicentennial celebration on April 12-13th.  Fencing is blocking the sidewalk coming into the main door of our building on Second Street. Visitors coming in to The Clayton Center need to continue to use the sidewalk that passes from the side parking lot in front of the auditorium steps to enter through the Second Street double doors to the lobby. 

The work should not affect access to the parking lot between Horne Memorial UMC and The Clayton Center. It has blocked parking in the half circle directly in front of the building. 

Parking will also be restricted on the south side of Second Street – mostly from the corner of Fayetteville, the circle directly in front of our building, and up to the entrance of the side parking lot just before the church. 

While crews believe they can always keep ONE lane of Second Street open throughout this project, there are times that traffic must be blocked on Second Street. We have made the crews abundantly aware of the timing of Horne UMC’s popular pick-up and drop-off school program and they will be trying to work around this as best they can. 

First the crews hand-removed each of the brick sidewalk pavers so that we can re-use them. Now that paving is about to being we’re heading into the heavier disruption period that could affect traffic heading down these two blocks of Second and Fayetteville streets. We do not expect the crews to work on weekends or Sundays. 

If you have any questions or concerns, Andy Simerman is the project coordinator – 

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