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Town Leaders Standing with Community Against Racism & Police Brutality


In just one week, Clayton has shifted from one crippling crisis to another. And once again, in the face of crisis, the Clayton community is coming together.

Our Mayor, Town Council, Police Chief, Fire Chief and all other Town leaders want Clayton to know...we stand with this community against racism and police brutality and we denounce those involved in the death of 46-year-old Minneapolis father George Floyd.

Last night, in the heart of Downtown Clayton, a local church held a peaceful prayer gathering in Town Square on Main Street. Leaders of Generation Church reached out proactively to the Clayton Police Department earlier in the day, we collaborated on planning and the event went off without incident.

“We’re not New York, we’re not L.A. – we’re a real everyday community…and something amazing happens when we come together around a common cause,” said Clayton Mayor Jody McLeod. “Right now, our common cause is to condemn the murder of George Floyd. It’s extremely hard for me and my fellow Council members to imagine the mentality that would allow anyone to ignore the pleas of a dying man, no matter who he is. That’s not how I grew up and that’s not anything my hometown will ever tolerate.”

Clayton Police Chief Blair Myhand echoed the Mayor.

“My heart is sickened by the murder of George Floyd,” he said. “I will never accept such a horrendous crime to go unpunished. Our officers in Clayton won’t either.”

The Town strongly supports the rights of those who are peacefully protesting and hoping to unify around the memory of George Floyd and countless others that have been victims of racism and police violence.

Clayton Police are collaborating with organizers of three different events planned in Downtown Clayton on Saturday. The events all center around Town Square and will happen between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. – including one event being coordinated by a Clayton High School student who plan to walk from school to Town Square around the 4 p.m. timeframe. Because the event organizers have all communicated openly with the Town and specifically with our police, we believe these events will be peaceful. Our police department has plans for extra officers and is very aware that events such as these present potential hazards to public safety. We ask everyone to take precautions – be respectful of pedestrians, cars and businesses still struggling from weeks of closures. We reiterate, all organizers have been in close contact with our police department and share our goals of building relationships, equality and change.

While not in downtown, we do want to also assure the community that there have been NO specific threats to our busiest shopping center, the Town Centre shopping complex on US 70. There has been no looting. The Walmart store manager, along with many other area retail managers, are choosing to close early all this week simply out of precaution.

Just like downtown, we have police officers on patrol 24 hours a day monitoring these locations and we’re supplementing those patrols. If you have questions about Saturday, reach out to us. If you see something online or hear something on the street, PLEASE let us know! You can call 911, call our Police Department at 919-553-4611 or you can email info@TownofClaytonNC.org. Never assume we know everything and NEVER hesitate to call 911 if you see suspicious activity or someone breaking the law. We have a great community and in large part that is because of two-way communication. Please let’s keep those lines of dialogue open and continue the dialogue and we’re confident Clayton will get through these difficult times.   

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