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Town Hall/Clayton Center Parking Lot Expansion Community Meeting




A small section of W. Horne Street right in front of the Town Hall parking lot will be blocked to thru-traffic beginning Tuesday, May 14th – staying closed 24 hours a day through Thursday, May 23rd.

This closure is needed to allow for a traffic study that will help measure the impact of closing this small section of street permanently to accommodate an expanded public parking lot for Town Hall/The Clayton Center, Town Square, the Clayton Library and neighboring Horne Memorial United Methodist Church. During this temporary closures, traffic will still be able to flow through the Town Hall parking lot.

Thank you for everyone’s caution and patience during this two-week study. Results will be shared with the public at an upcoming Town Council meeting in June. The Major Site Plan vote scheduled for the Planning Board Meeting on May 28, 2019 at 6 p.m. has been postponed until the traffic study results can be examined. 


Town staff are proposing an expanded parking lot at Town Hall/The Clayton Center which would more than double the number of parking spaces available for employees and visitors from 41 spaces to 110. The additional parking would also be available for use by Horne Memorial Methodist Church, the Clayton Library and Town Square events during peak times of need.

A community meeting to discuss the impact of the project, the proposed abandonment of a portion of Horne Street and the results of a consultant's study of the traffic impact is planned for: 

Thursday, March 21

6 p.m.

York Room inside Town Hall/The Clayton Center

Council had voted to approve the staff request to rezonee three parcels located at Town Hall/The Clayton Center, 111 East Second Street, as well as two smaller parcels at 117-121 Horne Street at a January Council meeting. The parcels currently include two historic schoolhouses which were renovated into a municipal/performing arts/conference center complex, green space and two vacant single-family homes. The request was to change these properties from Residential-6 (R-6) and Office-Institutional (O-I) to Public Facilities (PF). The Town hopes to redevelop the existing parking lot at Town Hall, incorporate the two new parcels, permanently close off a portion of Horne Street, and incorporate all of that land into a new, larger parking lot.

At the Feb. 4 meeting, Council took the next step and adopted a resolution required to begin advertising the proposal to permanently close off a portion of Horne Street. Councilman Jason Thompson voted against. Staff has hired a consultant to study traffic and the possible impact of this project and hope to continue to work with resident shareholders, hosting this Town Hall/Clayton Center Parking Lot Expansion Community Meeting on March 21. 

At a meeting with adjacent property owners, residents shared concerns about lighting, buffers and additional traffic. A public hearing and vote on the abandonment is set for the March 18 Town Council meeting at 6 p.m., but will be continued until the April 1, 2019 Council meeting. The Major Site Plan public hearing and vote are scheduled for April 22, 2019 Planning Board meeting at 6 p.m. For additional questions, please call the Planning Department at 919-359-9399

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