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Water Main Break Outside Town Limits Affects Some Residents



The boil water advisory has been lifted for residents in the 42 West area of Clayton and Cleveland. The advisory was aimed at customers who completely lost water or experienced low water pressure following a water main break Saturday morning. Addresses between 2117 and 3719 NC 42 West are STILL ON A BOIL WATER ADVISORY. Those addresses begin near Johnston Health Hospital and head west past the Clayton by-pass toward Cornwallis Road. The advisory is expected to be lifted for those customers later tonight. If you have any questions, please contact the Johnston County Public Utilities Department at 919-989-5075. Sign up for JoCo Alerts to receive texts, calls and emails when there are utility emergencies like this in Johnston County.

Why is my water cloudy?

When temperatures drop, we see a spike in questions about cloudy and milky water in the Town of Clayton. There's nothing to worry about – and there's a simple scientific explanation for the phenomenon! Air can also occur in water after repairs to water lines like we saw this weekend.

Cloudiness, or white water, is usually caused by tiny air bubbles trapped in the water and, after a few seconds or so, they disappear. Once in your glass, the air in the bubbles rises to the top of the glass and escapes. This cloudiness caused by air bubbles is completely harmless.

The scientific explanation is actually quite simple: Cold water just holds more air than warm water. It’s similar to how an open bottle of pop or soda taken from a cold refrigerator loses its fizz if when you leave it out in the warmer temperatures. Water coming from your outside pipes is very cold, but it warms up on its journey to your tap. Some of the air that is present is no longer soluble, and it comes out of solution.

Changes in water pressure can also cause cloudiness at the tap. When it's in the pipes, water in under enough pressure to transport it all the way from our water tanks to your home. Water under pressure holds more air than water that is not pressurized. Once the water comes out of your tap and goes into your glass, the water is under much less pressure, and the air exits the water as bubbles (similar to the pop or soda).

Saturday, Dec. 15: A water main break this morning on Anna Drive near the Austin Pond subdivision has caused low pressure and total water loss for some Town of Clayton utility customers in the 42W area.  Town of Clayton utility crews joined Johnston County Utilities crews to quickly restore water to Johnston Health hospital and the nearby medical facilities. Johnston County crews continue to work the repair. Any customer who had no water or experienced low water pressure, should consider boiling water for 1 minute before consumption. Showering and washing clothes is ok, but if you need to cook, prepare food, wash hands, brush teeth or drink, you should use bottled water or boil that water for 1 minute before using. This is just a precaution until water test results come back from the lab. The tests usually take 24 hours but with tomorrow being a Sunday, it may be Monday morning before the test results come back. 

See the advisory from Johnston County below.

Boil Water Advisory

Johnston County Public Utilities
Boil Water Advisory
December 14,2019

Smithfield, NC -- Johnston County Public Utilities customers in the Clayton and Cleveland Water Districts may have experienced a water loss today due to a water main break on NC 42.  The water main break caused widespread low or no water pressure.

Any customers who had no water during this time or very low water pressure, should boil their water when service is restored and for at least the next 24 hours.  Any tap water for human consumption should be boiled vigorously for three full minutes prior to use.

Further notice will be issued when the boil water advisory is no longer in place.  Please visit the following website for addtional information on boil water advisories: http://www.johnstonnc.com/files/utils/boilwater3.pdf.

If you have any questions, please contact the Johnston County Public Utilities Department at (919) 989-5075.

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