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Public Input on Town Spending, Changes to Council Meeting Times and More on Monday's Agenda


We hope you will join us Monday, Feb. 5 for the Clayton Town Council meeting beginning 6:30 p.m. at The Clayton Center, 111 East Second Street in Downtown Clayton.

You can view the full agenda packet online here, or click here to download a PDF copy. Here are the highlights:

Changes to Town Council Meeting Times and Formats

The Mayor and Town Council will consider getting down to business a bit earlier starting in March. The Town Manager has suggested adjusting the start time of Council meetings to 6 p.m. from 6:30 p.m. Beginning the meetings a half-hour earlier in the evening brings the Council meetings in-line with other Town of Clayton public meetings – such as the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment – which are always at 6 p.m. 

The Manager is also requesting Council consider moving to a schedule of two regular meetings a month, a change in format from holding one regular meeting on the first Monday of each month, followed by a work session meeting on the 3rd Monday of that month. As the Town of Clayton continues to grow, the pace of development is demanding more conversations between staff, the public and elected officials about that growth and community activity. The current format may be serving to slow down the decision-making process.

All agenda requirements, including submittals, notices, and public hearings, would remain the same, but the proposed procedure would offer more opportunities for the public and businesses to request and advance items on the agenda. In some cases, an applicant may only have to wait two weeks instead of a full month or longer to schedule a hearing for his or her proposal. This change does not necessarily mean that items presented will always be acted on in the same meeting. Whenever time allows, the public will still have several weeks to share thoughts or input with their elected officials prior to Council votes.

Public Hearings

The Council will open the floor for public discussion before voting to approve or deny the following:

Share Your Thoughts on Next Fiscal Year's Budget Priorities

As Town staff begins work on the 2018-19 budget, Town Manager Adam Lindsay would like to give the public a chance to share its thoughts on how Clayton should prioritize spending. The Town has always given the public a chance to weigh-in before approving the budget, but beginning with last year's budget, Lindsay asked the Council to open the floor for comments at both the beginning AND the end of the process. The new budget will outline spending for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.

The public will have another chance to comment once the proposed budget draft is available, usually in late May or early April.

17-Lot Subdivision near U.S. 70 Bypass (Coopers Meadow)

Dalton Engineering is requesting approval of a major subdivision plan on behalf of Cooper Branch LLC and Vast Real Estate and Development. The plan is to build 17 single-family houses on 11.91 acres just south of the U.S. 70 Bypass and just north of the intersection of of Cooper Branch Road and Wildberry Court. The 17-lots are located outside of Clayton Town limits in the Town’s extra-territorial jurisdiction, or ETJ. Houses would be served by Johnston County public water and private septic tanks. One of the lots would incorporate an existing cemetery. The developer is seeking waivers to Town's requirements for building sidewalks and curbs/gutters along the streets because the roads would ultimately be dedicated to NCDOT, and the Town generally does not maintain sidewalks outside of Town limits. The Planning Board voted to recommend the Town Council approve this preliminary plat.

64 Townhouses Next to Legend Park (Goodson Tract)

Adams Hodge Engineering and Sam's Branch LLC of Clayton seek a special-use permit and preliminary plat approval to develop 64 townhouse units on 7 acres of land off City Road right next to Clayton Parks & Recreation's Legend Park. This proposal includes 9 buildings, with each unit on its own lot and no main clubhouse. The property is actually located on both sides of City Road. The portion located on the western side of City Road will not have any townhouses on it. Instead, it will be utilized as passive open space with Phase 3 of Sam's Branch Greenway eventually being  located on it. This land is needed for this proposal to meet the minimum open space requirements for the subdivision.

Residents will access the townhouses on a proposed paved street off City Road that will also serve as the entrance to Legend Park. Currently Legend Park has an unpaved, gravel entrance. The public can turn onto the street, then turn right into the townhouse complex or turn left into Legend Park.

The townhouses are designed in a square with the center containing passive open space, mail kiosks, and dumpsters for the development. They are proposing 160 parking spaces, more than the 144 parking spaces required for a complex this size. The Planning Board has recommended approval by the Town Council.

Rezoning for Regional Wastewater Pretreatment Facility 

The Town of Clayton, Johnston County and Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk are working together to construct a regional wastewater pretreatment facility on Powhatan Road. The Town will eventually operate the plant as a public facility in order to attract and retain new and expanding pharmaceutical businesses in the East Clayton Industrial Area. The Town purchased three separate parcels of land to combine for this project and that land was just annexed into the Town of Clayton. Most of it was already zoned Industrial Light (I-1), however, one parcel, a 0.45 acre portion of the total 22 acres, was zoned Residential-Estate (R-E). The Town is now requesting to rezone this portion in order to create consistency with the remainder of the property and the zoning of the surrounding adjacent properties. The land is sandwiched between Grifols and Novo Nordisk, both industrially-zoned properties so this zoning is consistent with surrounding properties.

Celebrating a Century of Community Work 

The Woman’s Club of Clayton is a non-profit organization made up of professional women who share a common goal: to work together to improve our local community, socially, physically, culturally, and educationally. They were first organized under the name "The Twentieth Century Mother’s Club" in 1918 with 18 members. This year they celebrate 100 years! 

Some have argued Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library and The Clayton Center might not exist had it not been for the advocates in the Woman's Club of Clayton who rallied the community to build and restore these municipal buildings. The active club hosts an annual Taste of Carolina culinary event (a showcase of local restaurants), a yearly joint student art exhibit and competition with Clayton Visual Arts, and a new annual plant sale to support the Johnston County Master Gardeners. They also organize beautification, literacy and various other health and community related efforts. The Mayor & Council will consider the request from Woman's Club of Clayton President Betsy Grannis for a proclamation honoring 100 years of service.

Cross Connection Control Program Update

Utility Service Superintendent Byron Poelman and Utility Compliance Technician Brandon Carroll will give Town Council an overview and update on two important programs which work to ensure our Town water and sewer facilities are protected from possible failures or contamination: the Cross Connection Control/Backflow Protection Program and the Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Program.

The Town of Clayton’s Cross Connection Control/Backflow Protection Program is responsible for ensuring the drinking water provided by the Town of Clayton remains safe throughout our distribution system. A cross connection is where our drinking water system’s piping connects to various plumbing fixtures or equipment (such as dishwashers, irrigation, or heating and cooling systems) in businesses or homes. Backflow is when potentially contaminated water from a customer’s building or equipment back pressures, reverses, siphons back into the Town’s water system. Failing to adequately prevent or control backflow events could have significant negative health and economic impacts, with one of the most well-known being in Corpus Christi, Texas in December 2016.

Most modern plumbing fixtures generally have built-in backflow protection, but many commercial and industrial properties are required to install backflow protection devices on the customer’s side of the meter. These devices MUST be tested annually by a certified tester and reported back to the Town of Clayton.

The Town’s Fats, Oils and Grease program is designed to tackle a very costly and potentially hazardous problem for our sewer and water systems.  Most may not be aware, but every time you pour fat, oil, or grease (FOG) down your sink (e.g., bacon grease), you risk coating and clogging the inner walls of the plumbing in your house, as well as the walls of underground piping throughout the community. Over time, these greasy materials build up and form blockages in pipes, which can lead to wastewater backing up into parks, yards, streets, and storm drains. These backups allow FOG to contaminate local waters, including drinking water. Exposure to untreated wastewater is a public health hazard. 

Communities spend billions of dollars every year to unplug or replace grease-blocked pipes, repair pump stations, and clean up costly and illegal wastewater spills. 

The program works with English and Spanish speaking residents, as well as restaurants and other non-residential facilities where food is prepared or served. The FOG program requires food preparation and service facilities to control fats, oils and grease with properly sized grease trapped that are cleaned regularly.

More Wastewater Allocation for Highgate Subdivision

Last December, the Town Council approved the Highgate Subdivision. At that time, the Council did not reserve wastewater allocation for the project because the applicant was still working to confirm the status of an allocation previously granted to the property owner as part of a previous infrastructure development agreement. The applicant has now provided a request from the seller of the property – Everland-Lee LLC, which received an allocation of the 63,107 gallons per day (GPD) under a Dec. 12, 2015 developer agreement – to transfer that allocation reservation to the Highgate Subdivision.

Highgate Subdivision will generate an estimated 24,095 GDP more than that allocation, and the developer seeks Council approval for the extra capacity. Staff has confirmed capacity is available, reviewed the wastewater estimates submitted by the applicant’s engineer and agrees with the request.

Staff recommends approval of the additional 24,095 GPD wastewater allocation to the Highgate Subdivision, as well as the transfer of the previously granted 63,107 GPD, allocation, for a total allocation of 87,202 GPD.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions about the agenda or any other Town-related issues, please feel free to email Public Information Officer Stacy Beard or call her at 919-358-0348. You may also email Assistant Public Information Officer John Hamlin or call him at 919-480-0170.

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you at the meeting.

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