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Neuse River Hit Moderate Flood Levels - Greenway CLOSED


UPDATE: According to the hydrograph from the US National Weather Service in Raleigh - the Neuse River flooding is receding! The river crested at 14.01 feet overnight and was already on its way down - observed at 13.92 ft around 5:15 this morning. The greenways and low-lying areas/creeks around the river banks will still be flooded, with river levels not expected to drop below the 9 ft. flood stage until 1 a.m. on Thursday. https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=rah&gage=clyn7



Heavy rains have flooded the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse greenway, with river levels only expected to continue rising through Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

According to the National Weather Service, Neuse River levels are expected to crest at more than 15 feet early Wednesday. Those levels were not reached in recent hurricanes. Flood stage is at 9 feet and Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 saw the Neuse crest at 20.48 feet. 


The popular trails are now underwater, with the flooding now pushing tree limbs and other debris across the greenway.

The Clayton River Walk on the Neuse greenway is CLOSED at this time due to unsafe conditions! Please heed the cones at the trail head! The trails are definitely impassable! Please do not attempt to travel the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse off Covered Bridge Road and along the accesses in Riverwood Athletic Club. 

You can monitor the river levels here with the US National Weather Service in Raleigh

Public works crews will need to ensure the trails are safe once the water recedes. When river water rises over the riverbanks, it typically sits or moves slowly across the trail, leaving debris and silt.  The trail’s proximity to the river means picturesque views, but also leaves it susceptible to this flooding and damage.










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