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Crews Painting Riverwood School Crosswalks SATURDAY!


Sleep in Saturday in the name of School Safety!

The Town of Clayton's striping contractor is set to paint crosswalks in Riverwood at 7 a.m. TOMORROW, Saturday April 28th. The crews will provide traffic control and Clayton Police will also be assisting while painting is underway. The work should be done by 9 or 10 a.m., depending on the weather and traffic. We’re told the paint dries very quickly!

The striping will be in 2 locations: 1) across the entrance and exit lanes between the median in front of Riverwood Schools along Athletic Club Blvd and 2) at the intersection of Payton, Manning and Athletic Club Blvd., with paint going ACROSS Payton and ACROSS Athletic Club Blvd. (A previously shared map incorrectly showed paint across Athletic Club near the school entrance – that will not be painted tomorrow).

It would be awesome if everyone could just sleep in Saturday and stay off the streets, but we know that's not possible! However, IF drivers could consider using the parking lot behind the shops and turning onto Collingsworth and Manning drives to avoid the painting work...the crews would MUCH appreciate it! They tried to pick a time where there might be the least impact on driving. Again, Clayton Police and the painting crews will help direct traffic.

With morning events/practices at the school, at least ONE entryway into the school will be open at all times. For example, the painters may close the exit lane to paint it, but will leave the entry lane on the other side of the median open to direct traffic in and out of the school. The paint dries quickly so as soon as the exit lane is dry, the crews will do the reverse…close the entrance lane to paint and allow traffic to come in and out through the exit. Hope this makes sense!

Bright, reflective crosswalks are just a small piece of ensuring families and children are safe in Riverwood. The Clayton Police Department and Johnston County Public Schools continue to work in partnership on safety measures.

We're sorry for ANY inconvenience! Thank you for everyone's patience as we make this improvement! #safetyfirst

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