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Urban Archery Season


Nearly 60 different municipalities across the state have been given permission by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to participate in a specified Urban Archery season.  After receiving interest from Town of Clayton residents and after careful consideration by Town Council, the Town of Clayton submitted a letter of intent to participate in its first urban archery season in 2016 to help reduce the urban deer population through increased hunter opportunity.

The established dates for North Carolina’s next Urban Archery season are Jan. 9– Feb. 14, 2021.

Click here to view the Town of Clayton town limits map.

Click here to go research property owner information in the Johnston County GIS system.  Zoom in to find the parcel you're interested in and click Query ----> Single Parcel Tax Info.  The Town does not have a list of property owners who are allowing archery hunting on their land. Interested applicants will have to reach out to the landowners.  

Click here to view the Town of Clayton Urban Archery License/Permit Application.  The fee is $10 and must be submitted to the Town of Clayton Planning Department, located in Town Hall, at 111 East Second Street in Downtown Clayton. 

All Hunting Regulations apply.  Hunters must follow regular deer season regulations, such as licensing, tagging, reporting, permission from landowners and all other safety regulations.  

The Urban Archery Season does not obligate private landowners to allow hunting on their property, nor does it eliminate the ethical requirement for obtaining permission from the land - owner before hunting. The Town does not maintain any lands for hunting - meaning there is NO hunting on public Town of Clayton property, like parks or greenways.  Hunters are legally required to obtain written permission to hunt on posted property.

When considering urban archery, a law enforcement officer with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission stated to Town Council that in his 20+ years experience with urban archers, he has found them to be very safety conscious and stated that injuries sustained in urban archery programs are extremely rare throughout the 50+ NC towns that allow bow hunting seasons. 

Deer hunting with a bow and arrow or crossbow is now permitted on private property in the Town limits during the Urban Archery Season as established by the State Wildlife Resources Commission. It’s still unlawful within the Town limits for anyone to shoot any wild game or any squirrel whether wild or tame, with a gun or firearm or to willfully poison any wild game or squirrels.  

Archery hunters must follow all federal, state and local laws, rules and ordinances regulating hunting.

Archery hunters must have in their possession a valid North Carolina hunting license (issued by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission) and a Town of Clayton Hunting license/permit.

To receive a Town of Clayton Urban Archery license/permit, you must present: 

  • A valid photo I.D.
  • A copy of the prospective hunter's valid and current North Carolina hunting license.
  • Property information if the hunter intends to hunt on private property.
  • Owner permission if the prospective hunter doesn't own the private property.
  • Payment of the $10 fee set by the Town fee schedule.

Archery hunters will make every reasonable effort to track a wounded deer for the purpose of completing the harvest and recovering the carcass. In the event that a wounded deer cannot be recovered or leaves the permitted hunting tract, the hunter immediately will notify the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and seek the assistance of a Wildlife Officer at 1-800-662-7137 or 919-707-0040). If an Officer of the Wildlife Resources Commission is not available to assist in a timely manner, assistance may be sought through the Clayton Police Department by calling 911.
Landowners may hunt on their own property, subject to the limitations and criteria of the ordinance.  People may hunt on another's property only when possessing written permission from the property owner dated within the current calendar year.  If accessing a hunting area requires passing through other private land, a hunter must receive written permission dated within the current calendar year from that landowner to pass through the land into a designated hunting area.


  • Elevation - Arrows must be fired from at least three yards (9 feet) above ground level and toward the interior of the hunting parcel.

  • Tract Size - Hunting is allowed only on a tract or parcel of land (or an aggregation of contiguous tracts or parcels) that is at least five (5) acres in size.

  • Buffer -  Arrows may not be fired from, nor be propelled to within, 50 yard s {150 feet) of any dwelling or road right-of-way except that the 50 yard (150 feet) provision shall not apply to the hunter's own dwelling unit.

  • Direction - Arrows may not be fired from, nor be propelled to within, 100 yards (300 feet) of any daycare, elementary or secondary school, church or Town park.

  • Hours -  In accordance with established North Carolina Wildlife Commission Guidelines: 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset with a bow and arrow.

Any violations of the rules can result in penalties as set forth in Section 91.99 of the Town of Clayton Code of Ordinances and could also result in the violator having their Town Hunting Permit revoked and blocked from renewal for up to 3 years. 

The Town of Clayton makes no warranties and assumes no liability for the actions of persons hunting with a Town Hunting license/permit or persons allowing hunters to make use of their property for hunting or access. Nothing shall prevent the voluntary or contractual shifting of any risk of loss by and between the property owners and permitted hunters.  A person exercising privileges granted voluntarily assumes full responsibility for any risk of loss, property damage or personal  injury, including death, caused or incurred by the hunter and shall indemnify and hold the Town harmless from any such claims. A person exercising privileges granted to use property owned or controlled in whole or part by the Town is deemed to have released, waived, discharged and covenanted not to sue the Town for  any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained while participating in such activities, however caused on sustained.

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