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Town of Clayton Facilities Return to Normal Hours, Except Community Center


WEDNESDAY, DEC. 12 UPDATE:  All Town facilities are back to normal hours with the exception of Clayton Parks & Recreation's Community Center at 715 Amelia Church Road. We're working to repair the heating system and the building will not open until the repairs are made. We'll continue to update the situation. 


All Town of Clayton facilities will remain open tonight as normal and open Tuesday as normal, with the exception of Parks & Recreation’s Clayton Community Center. That building will close at 5 p.m. today and remain closed tomorrow as we work to repair the heating system. All basketball practices and evening classes have been canceled. 

All events scheduled for  The Clayton Center, with the exception of the Weight Watchers program, have been canceled for Monday evening. 

The Clayton Downtown Development Board has canceled Monday's monthly board meeting. 

The Clayton Library will remain open tonight until 7 p.m. as normal, but Tuesday's free The Gingerbread Boy production planned for The Clayton Center auditorium, will be rescheduled for another date, possibly in January. The Rags to Riches Theatre group was snowed in. 

Town Hall will open at 8 a.m Tuesday. Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library will open at 9 a.m. Again, the Clayton Community Center at 715 Amelia Church Road will remain closed. 

No power outages have been reported, but there is a possibility of slick, icy conditions Tuesday morning as the temperatures dip below freezing.  Our crews had pre-treated roadways with a salt mixture which helped to prevent freezing. 

Garbage & Recycling Collection
Garbage/recycling/yard waste will run on slight delays on Tuesday. Please get your containers to the curb tonight. All Star Waste may be a bit behind, but always aims to complete routes when they can. 

Road Report

No closures are in place at this time. 
The Clayton Police Department is urging drivers to be cautious if they head out on the roads. If you must venture out, first remove the ice and snow from your hood, windows and roof. Ice and snow that breaks loose from a moving vehicle can cause serious accidents. Also, while driving, turn on your headlights and leave extra distance between you and other cars to allow extra stopping time on slippery surfaces. 
Road Clearing

We prepare for snow events and work hard to keep Town-maintained streets as safe as possible. Remember, some areas are maintained by NCDOT or neighborhood homeowners associations. Streets such as Hwy 70, NC 42, Amelia Church Road, Guy Road, Dairy Road, Barber Mill Road, Robertson Street, Shotwell Road, Pritchard Road, Covered Bridge Road, Boling Street, O’Neil Street, City Road and even Main Street are maintained by the N.C. Department of Transportation. Town street crews prioritize major thoroughfares and primary streets in subdivisions, followed by through-streets in subdivisions and neighborhood streets based on curbside collection routes. The Town does not clear private parking lots, such as lots found in apartment and condominium communities or at businesses and commercial centers. 

Spread the word if you can: Cars parked on the street need to be moved if you have a driveway after snow! In the past, our streets have remained unsafe because Town plow crews weren't able to clear whole lanes due to cars being left on the street. We understand some homes do not have driveways or some driveways may be too steep to safely park during ice - in those cases, perhaps move your car to already-cleared sections of the street.
Attention Sledders
Before you sled on private property, be sure to obtain permission from the property owner first. Otherwise, you're trespassing.
Clayton Public Power
No power outages have been reported so far. Due to winter weather conditions, all linemen are on standby so they can respond immediately. Clayton Public Power works to minimize storm impacts year-round through preventive maintenance, including trimming of trees around Clayton's miles of overhead electric distribution lines. Downed trees and limbs are the leading cause of power outages during storms.
Whenever residents encounter trees downed during storms on roads, sidewalks or other public areas, they should always contact 911 rather than try to handle them on their own. In addition to being heavy and difficult to manage, trees and limbs often come into contact with dangerous, live electrical wires which can cause serious injury or death. If you see downed trees and unsafe road conditions, call 911.
If your power goes out, our system notifies us of outages and estimates on restoration are not immediately available. 

  • Clayton Public Power customers, can call 919-553-1530. After hours and weekends, call are forwarded to 911 through an agreement with Johnston County Emergency Services. Operators will not be able to give restoration times, however, they should be contacted should you see downed power lines. In larger outages, the Town of Clayton will open an Emergency Operations Center at the Clayton Fire Department and your call will be answered by Town of Clayton staff in person. 
  • Duke Energy Progress customers (which services Riverwood Athletic Club and other outlying areas) should call 800-419-6356. 
  • Stay away from power lines that have fallen or are sagging. Consider all power lines energized, as well as trees or limbs in contact with power lines. Please report downed power lines to 911 If a power line falls across a car you're in, stay in the car. If you MUST get out of the car due to a fire or other immediate life-threatening situation, do your best to jump clear of the car and land on both feet. Be sure no part of your body is touching the car when your feet touch the ground.
  • Restoring power after a storm can be challenging, as travel conditions are poor. Before power can be restored, crews first assess damage and determine which crews, equipment and supplies will be needed to make repairs. Because of this, customers may see damage assessors patrolling their neighborhoods before crews arrive to begin work. 
  • Crews prioritize work to ensure the largest number of customers are restored as quickly as possible. Essential services, such as hospitals and emergency response facilities, are the first priority. 
  • If you lose power, turn off as many appliances and electronics as possible. This helps with restoration efforts because it reduces the immediate demand on power lines when power is restored. 
  • Do not connect a generator directly to your home's electrical system. It is dangerous to you, your neighbors and utility workers. Follow manufacturer's directions regarding connecting appliances directly to your generator. Once your power is restored, please wait a few minutes before turning your equipment back on.
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Food usually stays frozen about 48 hours. A refrigerator can keep food cold for about four hours. Remember, when in doubt, throw it out. 

Frozen Pipes 
During periods of extremely cold weather, residents often report broken water pipes. When pipes break inside your home or between the water meter and your home, the resident is responsible for repairs. The Town of Clayton would be responsible for repairing any damage to pipes between the water main under the street and your home's meter, or in the main itself, which rarely happens since water runs continuously in the mains. For more information, call Clayton Public Works on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 919-553-1530. 
Here are some tips to help keep pipes from freezing:

  • Have regular pipe maintenance done - at least once year. 
  • Regularly change filters around the house.
  • Drip a faucet so pipes don't burst. (Drip only one faucet in the house. Choose one close to an exterior wall so pipes don't freeze)
  • Open cabinet doors where pipes are so they can feel the heat from the home.
  • Turn off the outdoor sprinkler system.
  • Detach the water hose from the outdoor faucet.

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