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Remote Town Council Meeting MONDAY, JULY 20


Clayton Town Council will hold its regular July 20, 2020 meeting as a remote meeting starting at 6 p.m. on Monday. Town Hall remains closed to the public so the public will be able to watch the meeting LIVE on the Town of Clayton YouTube Channel. There will be a PUBLIC HEARING on a rezoning of property on Powhatan Road and anyone in the public will be able to speak during that hearing if they notify the Town Clerk Kimberly Moffett at KMoffett@TownofClaytonNC.org by Monday, July 20th at noon. You can also submit written public comment on any of the agenda items, the public hearing to rezone property on Powhatan Road, or other town matters by sending an email to the Town Clerk by noon on the day of the meeting. Send comment to KMoffett@TownofClaytonNC.org and your comments will be read into the record during the meeting by the Town Clerk. 

You can read the full agenda packet here

•    Approve the DRAFT Minutes from their June 15 & June 18th meetings.

•    Accept warranties for the public water, sewer, and storm drainage lines in Academy Pointe Phase 3, a new neighborhood built near Cooper Academy and for Ashcroft Phase 4B, a neighborhood off O’Neil near the Sam’s Branch Greenway. They’ll also make final warranty acceptance of water, sewer, storm drainage and streets in Bristol at Cobblestone Phase 4, a neighborhood off Champion Street. 

•    Consider recommendations to appoint four members of the volunteer Downtown Advisory Board, Christi Thompson, Judy Ryan, Shannon Austin and Bernice Lopes. 

•    Welcome Elizabeth McCullough of the newly-formed Racial Equality Coalition of Clayton NC, a group of area residents whose mission is to address the issues within our community that cause racial divide, including matters of health, education, nutrition, safety and various other resources and opportunities. Their goal is to come together as one inclusive community to promote fairness and equality for everyone. McCullough will give Council and update about the group’s effort.

•    Consultant JD Solomon will give Council an update on the New Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Facility, the largest capital project in the history of the Town of Clayton. Solomon will be joined by Town staff to host an open house on Wednesday, July 22 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Town Hall/The Clayton Center to discuss and answer questions about plans to build the New Neuse River Water Reclamation Facility. Building a new plant was found to be the most cost-effective and sustainable alternative to replace the existing 55-year-old wastewater treatment plant and serve our growing town’s future needs. The costs of supplying water and replacing the aging water and sewer infrastructure are critical topics affecting small towns and large cities across the nation. Drop by any time during this open house and you’ll get to talk to the experts on how our current wastewater treatment plant works, how we’re planning to pay for the new facility, how it will impact water & sewer rates, how the facility will function and what impact it will have on the environment. The plant will be located in the woods not far from the Neuse River, on a plot of land purchased by the town years ago for this purpose. For more information on the project, you can go to ClaytonNC.org/WaterReclamation

•    The Finance Director will present two financing resolutions – 1) to buy two new vacuum trucks, which suck liquids and sludge from our sewer system, at amount no larger than $870,000. These two trucks were budgeted. 2) A reimbursement resolution for capital outlay projects, primarily related to new development activity, undertaken by the Electric Fund that will be financed after completion of the projects with the issuance of a Revenue Bond, which is consistent with the rate model, in an amount not currently expected to exceed $2,500,000.

•    The Council will consider abandoning a section of Right-of-Way on Enterprise Drive. A condominium development named Cameron Crossing is being developed there and Enterprise Drive was re-aligned as part of the construction. 

•    Engineering staff will introduce the Town’s New Stormwater Engineer Susan Locklear.  Engineering staff have been working to transition the erosion control program from Johnston County to an in-house  program. They are drafting new policies, seeking public input from the development community and will be seeking approval from the NC Sedimentation Control Commission (SCC). Staff will update Council on the process of approval going forward. Staff will also ask Council to approve the first ordinance required for an in-house program, an Illicit Discharge Ordinance. 

•    The Economic Development Department will present an updated economic development strategy. Sponsored by ElectriCities, the update included focus groups, interviews, a community survey, and economic and community analysis. The four goals of the strategy are 1) Grow jobs for Clayton through recruitment, existing business, and small business and entrepreneurial support; 2) Build on a charming and historic downtown through redevelopment and placemaking; 3) Build Clayton’s sense of community and quality of life with amenities, placemaking, and branding;, and, 4) Develop the infrastructure necessary to improve quality of life in Clayton and facilitate continued business growth. Council will be asked to adopt the plan as a guiding document for the Town and its community partners. 

•    Council requested a regular update on the budget since the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impact on budgeting and revenue. The Town Manger will update Council

•    During COVID-19, the Town has seen a proliferation of food trucks in town not associated with special events as normal and, at the request of Council, the Planning Director will give an update to Council on the current ordinance that regulates food trucks in town limits. 

•    Council will hold a closed session to discuss personnel as permitted by NC General Statute 143-318.11.(a)(6). No action is expected following the Closed Session. 

•    Council will host a public hearing on a proposal to rezone 22.33 acres on Powhatan Road near Mohican Trail from Residential Estate (R-E) to Industrial-Light (I-1). The applicant, David Orringer, does not have anything planned for the site but argues that rezoning will allow the property to be developed with more compatible used to those in the existing area. The property is near and across from the existing and Novo Nordisk facility expansion. It is being recommended for approval by the Planning Board, although several nearby property owners submitted public comment stating opposition to the rezoning arguing it will impact the rural quality of life for this area along Powhatan. 
There are THREE WAYS to submit comment for the PUBLIC HEARING: 

  • PRIOR TO THE HEARING: You may provide your written comments to the Town Clerk via email kmoffett@townofclaytonnc.org or via phone at 919-553-5002. All comments must be received no later than 12:00 noon on 7/20//20. All comments received will be read into the record during the hearing.
  • DAY OF THE PUBLIC HEARING: You are invited to speak live during the Public Hearing. If you wish to do so, please contact the Town Clerk via email kmoffett@townofclaytonnc.org or via phone at 919-553-5002, no later than 12:00 noon on 7/20/20 to be provided with the log on information to join the meeting.
  • AFTER CLOSING PUBLIC HEARING: Following the closing of the hearing, an additional 24 hour period will be provided to share comments. You are asked to contact the Town Clerk via email kmoffett@townofclaytonnc.org or via phone at 919-553-5002, no later than midnight on 7/21/20. All comments received will be read into the record at the next meeting; which will be held on Monday, August 3, 2020.
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