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NCDOT Update, Purchase of Land Near Town Hall, A Request from CAM and More on Monday's Agenda


We hope you will join us Monday, Feb. 19 for the Clayton Town Council work session beginning 6:30 p.m. at The Clayton Center, 111 East Second Street in Downtown Clayton.

At the work session, the Council will set its agenda for the Monday, March 5 meeting and take a first look at the matters up for consideration. While the Council isn't scheduled to vote on anything, the work session is used to receive special reports and introductions. (Beginning March 5, the Council will begin meeting a half hour earlier at 6 p.m.)

You can view the full agenda packet online here, or click here to download a PDF copy. Here are the highlights:

Special Presentations

NCDOT Update on Highway and Road Improvements

The Council will get an update on projects to improve Clayton's highways and roads from Jiles Harrell, N.C. Department of Transportation Division 4 engineer. That includes the resurfacing and reconfiguring of intersections to improve safety along U.S. 70 Business through Town, as well as the widening of sections of N.C. 42 and other NCDOT initiatives.

In June 2016, NCDOT revealed plans to spend $2.5 million to $3 million of state highway dollars to improve and modify U.S. 70 Business between Shotwell Road and just east of N.C. 42.

Since mid-January, drivers on N.C. 42 East have experienced delays due to the start of tree-clearing for the upcoming $43.1 million project to widen NC 42 East to four lanes between Glen Laurel Road & Buffalo Road. The tree-clearing work is expected to run through June 2018. This is a heavily traveled corridor in and out of Clayton, so lane closures have been restricted to only occur between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on weekdays. Crews will not work on weekends or close lanes during rain. Once tree-clearing is complete this summer, NCDOT will contract for utilities to be re-located. Harrell will share details on the timeline and travel alternatives for the actual widening work set to begin in 2019. Those plans include a complete replacement of the bridge over the Neuse River.

Similarly on N.C. 42 West, NCDOT plans to widen an 8-mile stretch from U.S. 70 Business in Clayton west across Interstate 40 to N.C. 50. Harrell will explain that most of the existing two-lane road is now operating at or above capacity, particularly during rush hour. Harrell will have timeline details on the $66 million road project which is scheduled to begin construction in 2022. These plans include widening the road to four lanes, adding a divided median and replacing three bridges.

Clayton Recreation Advisory Committee Annual Update

Chairwoman Rebecca Bradford will give the Council an update on the Clayton Recreation Advisory Committee. As the Town's advisory body for the Parks and Recreation Department, the committee suggests policies affecting recreation, programming, personnel and finances, as well as long-term planning matters, such as the sale and acquisition of park land. You will also see committee members volunteering at different events and programs that are sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Purchase of Land Next to The Clayton Center (Talton Property)

The Council will consider a budget amendment to use $70,000 of fund balance to purchase 0.329 acres of vacant land located at 311 S. Fayetteville St. The Town is under contract to purchase the land, which is located next to The Clayton Center at the corner of East Horne and South Fayetteville streets.

Owned by the heirs of Margaret B. Talton, the land is being sold separately from the house and additional vacant land located to the south, which were also recently put up for sale.

Because of its location just across East Horne Street from The Clayton Center, the Town could use the land for additional parking or other Town uses.

On Monday, the Council will consider placing the item on the March 5 Consent Agenda for approval.

A New Home for Clayton Area Ministries

Dale Matthews, director of Clayton Area Ministries, will present her group's request to lease the Town's building at 1000 Durham Street, which formerly housed the Johnston County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The local food bank has outgrown its 1,000 square foot facility at 704 E. Main St., and believes the Town's 2,600-square-foot facility would be ideal to allow their operations to continue and grow.

The Town building has been vacant for more than five years and requires significant renovation. CAM would plan to renovate the space through community donations and at no cost to the Town.

Setting March 5 Public Hearings

The Town Council will take a first look at the following items and consider scheduling public hearings for them on the Monday, March 5 agenda:

Kyli Knolls: 20-Lot Subdivision on Amelia Church Road

True Line Surveying seeks approval for a 20-lot subdivision to be developed on 18.56 acres off Amelia Church Road. The land is zoned R-E Residential Estate and located about 3,000 feet southeast of the intersection with N.C. 42 – just past the Sheetz gas station. It's owned by Full Spectrum Custom Homes, which is also listed as the developer on the site plan.

The proposed minimum lot size is 30,000 square feet (just over two-thirds of an acre), and the applicant would apply to annex the property into the Town of Clayton to receive public water and fire and police protection, but use septic tanks for sewer. Motorists would access the subdivision via Amelia Church Road, and a road stub-out to the north is proposed to connect the neighborhood to future development.

The applicant has requested a waiver from the Town's requirements to build curb and gutter along new streets. Instead, the applicant proposes using grass-lined ditches to manage storm water. Staff recommends denial of the waiver, and their reasoning can be found on page 3 of the staff report. On Jan. 22, the Planning Board reviewed the request and recommended approval of the waiver.

Staff also recommends requiring the developer add a left-turn lane on Amelia Church Road, among other conditions of approval listed in the staff report. In contrast, the Planning Board recommended the developer be required to dedicate right-of-way for the future development of a turn lane.

Recovery Logistics Rezoning: 2.3 Acres off South Moore Street

Dalton Engineering & Associates seeks rezoning of 2.3 acres in Downtown Clayton to I-1 Light Industrial from R-10 Residential. Owned by G.T. Page Jr., the land is located between Moore, Atkinson, and Horne streets and is intersected by Bartex Mill Street.

The property is vacant and winds along with a small creek that runs between residential and industrial uses. It currently acts as a de-facto buffer between the two uses. The parcel is unique in that it has frontage on three different Town-owned roads, is split by Bartex Mill Street, and meanders behind 10 different properties (seven of which are zoned residential). The same creek has been marked as a buffered stream on a site plan for the outdoor storage area that currently exists on the adjacent property.

The Town's Future Land Use Map generally shows the area west of the creek designated for Employment Center development – which is consistent with an I-1 Light Industrial zoning – and the area east of the creek designated for Downtown Residential development – which is consistent with the land's current R-10 Residential zoning. Accordingly, staff recommends the Council only rezone the area generally located west of the creek (show in blue on the map) to I-1 Light Industrial.

On Jan. 22, the Planning Board reviewed the request and recommended the Council follow staff's recommendation.

Massey Property Rezoning: 47.2 Acres at Intersection of Ranch and Little Creek Church

Allen Tew seeks rezoning of two tracts of land totaling 47.2 acres located west and south of the intersection of Ranch and Little Creek Church roads. Tew is an attorney representing the land owners: Devra S. Massey Trust, Andrea Lynn Massey and Michael John Massey.

All of the land is currently zoned R-E Residential-Estate and located in the Town's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). The applicant seeks to rezone to B-2 Neighborhood Business a triangular-shaped, 2.5 acre tract that is tucked into the southern side of the intersection of Ranch and Little Creek Church roads. The applicant seeks to rezone the remaining 44.7 acres to R-8 Residential-8.

The Town's Future Land Use Map designates the area west of Ranch Road for Medium Density development – which is consistent with the applicant's proposed R-8 zoning – and the area east of Ranch Road is designated for Low Density Residential – which is consistent with the land's current R-E Residential Estate zoning and inconsistent with the proposed R-8 and B-2 zonings. Accordingly, Town Staff recommends the Council approve rezoning of the 26.9 acres west of Ranch Road and deny the rezonings of the 20.3 acres east of the road.

In contrast to staff's recommendation, the Planning Board reviewed the request on Jan. 22 and recommended the Council approve the applicant's full request to rezone the 47.2 acres to R-8 and B-2.

Four Townhouses on Barbour Street

Dalton Engineering & Associates seeks a special-use permit to develop four townhouses on 0.54 acres located at 619 S. Barbour St – just north of U.S. 70 Business. Vast Real Estate and Development Inc. owns the land, which is vacant and zoned R-8 Residential-8.

The townhouses would consist of two single-story, two-unit buildings with 1,100-1,300 square feet per unit. Drivers would use South Barbour Street to access the parking lot, which would have 11 parking spaces, including one handicap and two guest spaces.

According to the staff report:

"The site has a unique layout, in that the site is accessed from Barbour Street, but the proposed units face sideways, with the rear of each of the four units facing the side yard of the adjacent neighbor. The rear of each unit’s development “box” is approximately 10 feet from the side property line, which is consistent with the side setbacks in the R-8 district if the parcel were developed as a single family home. However, with the sideways orientation of the townhomes, it is not clear if the R-8 rear setback of 25 feet would be more appropriate, or if 10 feet is sufficient.

"A discussion was had with the applicant about the potential to rotate the units (so that they would all face Barbour Street), but ultimately the applicant decided to pursue the current layout. The applicant has attempted to mitigate any impacts from having four units back up to the neighbor by proposing a 6-foot tall privacy fence, which could be considered the critical element of a Class C landscape buffer. No landscaping is proposed in conjunction with the privacy fence because of separation considerations from the buildings as well as the three sewer lines that will run from each unit to the street right-of-way, in that 10-foot corridor. As such, the 10 feet between the back of the townhomes and the side property line does not meet the standards of a Class C
landscape buffer.

"Given the issues described above, it is unclear that this application meets the Findings of Fact that the development will not substantially injure the value of the adjoining property, be detrimental to its use, or violate the character of existing standards for development."

On Jan. 22, the Planning Board reviewed the request and recommended the Council deny the special-use permit.

110 East Second Street Rezoning

Paul Black of My Girlfriend's Properties LLC seeks to rezone 0.15 acres at 110 E. 2nd St. to B-1 Central Business from O-I Office Institutional. Black also owns The Wagner House, which borders the property to the east.

The proposed zoning would be consistent with surrounding uses and the Town's Future Land Use Map.

The land contains a 2,244 square foot building that was previously used for offices by Long & Foster Property Management.

Closed Session

The Council will go into closed session to instruct staff or negotiating agents concerning price and other material terms regarding acquisition of real property (N.C.G.S. § 143-318.11(a)(5)). If the discussion leads to any action, the Council will reconvene in public for a vote.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions about the agenda or any other Town-related issues, please feel free to email Public Information Officer Stacy Beard or call her at 919-358-0348. You may also email Assistant Public Information Officer John Hamlin or call him at 919-480-0170.

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you at the meeting.


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