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Post Hurricane Florence Yard Waste Collection


We're asking residents to be patient as crews work to collect large amounts of yard waste throughout our community. All Star may not be able to service your home on your normal pick-up day or week and it may take weeks to collect everyone's debris following this storm. Please continue to place yard waste to the curb as you clean up from Hurricane Florence, however, ALL material must meet our normal size restrictions. See below. If you or your homeowner association contract with a tree service company or independent contractor, those contractors MUST remove and properly dispose of all debris. 

As of Tuesday at 2 p.m., All Star Waste was able to finish all Friday and Monday garbage and recycling routes. Hurricane Florence prevented them from collecting last week, but WOW, they catch up fast!  Half of Tuesday's yard waste is complete, 80% of Tuesday's recycling routes and 90% of Tuesday's garbage. That means, All Star is on track to be back to normal routes with Wednesday collection actually happening ON Wednesday! Get those Wednesday carts to the curb! 

Residents are reminded to follow these tips when preparing yard waste for collection: 

  • Loose leaf collection begins Oct. 1st. All loose leaves must be bagged in CLEAR plastic bags or in the special All Star Waste 95-gallon yard waste containers available to homeowners for a low, one-time fee of $50 per container! That's 50% off retail! And they're yours to keep!  All Star will service the containers every week at NO additional charge. CALL or TEXT All Star at 919-989-1562
  • Yard waste should not be set in the street. It can wash down and clog up storm drains AND it can cause traffic hazards. Please set your yard waste piles, bags or containers just back from the curb...NOT in the roadway. Because All Star will be collecting yard waste consistently every week, you don't have to worry about yard waste sitting on your grass or out for weeks. Setting your yard waste out in the street can result in fines.  
  • Limbs are not picked up by a giant machine with a claw - they're picked up by a person with their hands. That job is almost impossible when your piles are a massive, tangled mess.  Please follow these regulations when placing out your limbs and try to picture whether a human being could actually pick them up and get them into the back of a truck. Limbs have to be cut a specific size and piles also need to be kept a specific size!
  • Limbs up to 4” in diameter can't be longer than 6 feet.
  • Limbs wider than 4” in diameter need to be cut into lengths of 2 feet or less.
  • Limbs greater than 10” in diameter will not be collected.
  • A pile of correctly cut limbs should be no more than 6-ft deep from the curb, 6-ft wide and 3-ft high. That's approximately 4 cubic yards picked up every week.  If you have multiple piles, the volume of ALL piles can not TOTAL more than the allowed 6X6X3 dimensions. In other words - we allow customers to create multiple piles if that's convenient for them, but if you were to throw all those piles together in one big pile - that pile can not exceed 6X6X3 or roughly 4 cubic yards.
  • Keep yard waste away from other objects such as, fences, walls, water meters, utility poles, mailboxes, fire hydrants and cars.
  • Town crews will not pick up yard waste from vacant lots.
  • Keep debris free of animal waste. Animal waste should be bagged and placed in rollout garbage carts.

We truly appreciate everyone's patience through the storm and now in the storm recovery!  For more information on waste collection in the Town of Clayton, go to ClaytonNC.org/trash

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