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    A constant running toilet can waste up to 8 gallons an hour or 200 gallons of water a day! This can add an average of $70 to your utility bill! Signs that your toilet is leaking are running water after flushing, the toilet running longer than normal, increased water bill, and noises coming from the toilet. You can test for leakage by opening your tank, dropping a dye tablet or food coloring into the tank and waiting for 15-20 minutes. If the color has spread to the bowl, you have a leak. Contact a local plumber or look up ways to easily fix your leaking toilet and save money on your utility bill!


    A leaking faucet can cause a major increase in your utility bill. Check to see if your faucets are leaking by turning the water on and looking for seeping around the base of the faucet. This leak is caused by an internal O-ring that is dried or cracked. This is a simple fix, you can watch videos on YouTube or call a plumber for assistance.


    Want to save money and cut your dryer time in half? Use wool or rubber dryer balls to absorb moisture from your clothing and linens! This cuts the drying time by 25-50%, causing a decrease in your utility bill! These dryer balls are inexpensive and can help the overall air distribution in the dryer.


    Leaky duct work in your attic can reduce heating and cooling of your home by 20%, meaning a higher utility bill. You can detect leaks in your ductwork by noticing uneven cooling of your home, an increased bill with the same amount of usage, no dust collection in the ductwork, and if your living space feels stuffy. If there is a leak, install insulation to keep the duct work secured or hire a professional to inspect and install the insulation.


    Why waste energy on using your dryer when you can cut costs by hanging up your clothes? This easy and cost-effective way of drying clothing saves an average of 20% of energy used. Air drying also saves money on your monthly utility bill! A bonus is that it extends the life of your clothing by decrease wear and tear from the dryer.

    by Taylor Stubblefield

    By caulking or weather-stripping your doors and windows, you can save energy and excessive A/C usage! You can detect air leaks in your doors and windows by shutting a door on a dollar bill, then pull it out without dragging means you are losing energy. Seal up your doors and windows and SAVE 5-10% on your utility bill!

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