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The Town maintains more than 70 miles of roads, more than a thousand street signs, and what seems like an endless maze of sidewalks, curbs and gutters that weave through Town limits.

Employees working on street maintenanceOur asphalt crew uses a “hot box” to keep 4 tons of asphalt hot while patching so our patches last longer and ride smoother.  They also spray weed killer along curbs and gutters to prevent weeds from sprouting up and weakening infrastructure.   Our crews are always on the lookout for potential issues before they become hazards to pedestrians or vehicles, but if you see potholes, broken sidewalks, missing storm grates or any other potential problems, please call 919-553-1530 for Town maintained streets. Or click to submit your request online! 

Streets NOT Maintained by the Town

Streets such as Hwy 70, Hwy 42, Amelia Church Road, Guy Road, Dairy Road, Barber Mill Road, Robertson St, Shotwell Rd, Boling St, O’Neill St, City Rd and even Main St are maintained by NC Department of Transportation. If you see a pothole or other concern on the streets maintained by NCDOT, please call NCDOT at 1-877-DOT-4YOU (1-877-368-4968)  or 919-934-6176. They also have an easy online portal to report problems. 

Not sure which streets are NCDOT? Click here for a color-coded NCDOT map of who maintains which streets in Clayton.

How to Prepare Before a Storm

On September 1, 2017, the National Weather Service (NWS) in Raleigh took rainfall reports of more than 4 inches of rain drenching Clayton in less than an hour and a half! That left many parts of town flooded and drainage systems overwhelmed. Just look at the blockage caused at one downtown home where pine straw, leaves and fill dirt completely blocked and covered a storm drain! Clogged grates are often the #1 reason streets flood during a storm and it can happen quickly! The Town of Clayton prepares in advance of storms with public works employees checking storm drains and catch basins, especially those in flood-prone areas, to make sure they aren’t blocked by existing debris. But it’s hard to get to all 5,000+ public drains throughout Town and we don't maintain private drains on your property, so need your help to prepare our community! Blockages can damage and flood not only your property, but your neighbor’s property and public roadways. Let’s all do our part!  Read more about how you can avoid getting flooded and what you can do during a storm!  Click here to report a concern about a clogged or damaged storm drain. 

Snow removal 

Snow RemovalWe are also prepared for snow events and work hard to keep Town maintained streets as safe as possible.  Remember, some areas are maintained by NCDOT and sometimes individual neighborhoods.  When snow is forecasted, please DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR ON THE STREET. Doing so creates a safety hazard for our drivers who maneuver large plow trucks through dangerous conditions and it also creates blind spots for children and pets. Safety is our number #1 concern and we appreciate your help!  Keep your vehicle in the driveway so we can clear a path, usually 2 lanes wide, down your road. Some areas such as Walden Woods have very narrow roads that require the use of special equipment such as backhoes and skid steers to clear so be sure to keep your vehicles far back in your driveway to give our crews plenty of room.

Loose leaf pickup

Loose Leaf PickupBetween October 1st and January 31st, the Town performs curbside vacuum collection of loose leaves. This service is provided the next business day following your regularly scheduled garbage day.  If your garbage service day is Monday, leaves will be collected on Tuesday; those with garbage service on Friday will have leaves removed on Monday.  During the peak season there may be times the volume of leaves is SO great or the leaves are SO wet that this schedule may be off by a day or two. Leaves only!  Please make sure your piles are free of rocks, sticks, dirt and debris.  These can clog up the machines, cause damage and delay this great service!  Leaves should be placed behind the curb, not in the gutter or in the drainage ditch.  You also have the option to bag your leaves or place them in a container (no bigger than 50 gallons please!) and they’ll be picked up on your regular yard waste day ALL YEAR LONG.

Storm Drains

Storm Drains

Storm drains are an important part of the Town’s infrastructure and allow rainwater to run off quickly.  However, when those drains are blocked or people intentionally pour things like grease and oil into them, then the system can become clogged and flooding occurs.  It is important to keep storm drains clear of yard debris like grass clippings and leaves.  When placing these items at the curb for waste removal, be sure to place them in your yard at the edge of the curb and not in the curb.  Even if a storm drain is not in front of your yard, garbage and yard waste will get washed down to the nearest storm drain and cause problems for your entire street.  Remember, anything that goes into storm drains in NOT treated or cleaned but runs straight into local streams and rivers.

Fats, Oils & Grease: Why it’s a problem

Grasas, aceites, y grasa: Porqué es un problema

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