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Online Access to Permits: 

ePermits is an online service that allows registered contractors to request permits, upload documents, schedule inspections and track results 24 hours day! The system also allows anyone from the public to search for permits, however, the public can not yet create/request permits.  


At this time ONLY REGISTERED LICENSED CONTRACTORS can request RESIDENTIAL, SINGLE TRADE, HVAC permits. Contractors who are registered on the portal CAN upload documents, schedule inspections and tract results 24 hours a day.

Phone: 919-553-5002
NEW! Inspections Request Line: 919-359-8717 (Leave message by 4 p.m.)
Fax: 919-553-1720
Location: 111 E. Second Street, Clayton, NC 27520

Often, the first step to getting a Building Permit is a Zoning Compliance Permit to ensure the proposed work meets the requirement of the Unified Development Code. 

The new combined Building & Zoning Compliance Permit Application has been created to combine the building permit and zoning compliance permit so that review time will be reduced. Zoning must be approved before a building permit can be issued.

For all new construction, commercial and residential, please use the new combined building and zoning compliance application. This form would be used for structural additions, decks, pools (above ground and in-ground), solar panels, detached accessory structures larger than 12 x12, and signs that require footing inspections and/or electrical permits.

If you are applying for a shed that is smaller than 12 x12 with no trade or a fence, you would submit the Zoning Compliance application.

Applications and Permits

Covid-19 Update: Town Hall is currently closed to the public, however, there have been no delays in the permit review process. Until further notice the following permit applications can be submitted digitally. Please upload completed applications and all accompanying documents and site plans to Submittals@townofclaytonnc.org. *Please note: We will not accept any documents unless they are in PDF format only. Please DO NOT submit pictures of applications or site plans.

Please read our Inspections Policies & Procedures first - you'll find all the information you need to know about our procedures.

Engineering Construction Documents Submittal Application & Checklist

Engineering Review Fees

TOC Engineering Stamp to be included on plans submitted for approval

Town of Clayton Power PV System Installment Procedures

Inspection Checklist (reflects code requirements of the NC Residential Code)

Affidavit of Workers' Compensation Coverage

Building & Zoning Compliance Permit Application

Business Services Application

Change of Contractor Application

Conditional Gas Application

Conditional Power Application

Driveway Permit Application

Erosion Control Financial Responsibility Form

Floodplain Development Permit

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Permit

Owner Exemption Affidavit

Plumbing Irrigation Permit 

Procedures for Permits & Inspections for Previously Completed Non-Permitted Work & Work Begun without Permits

Residential Plot Plan Checklist 

Tent Permit Application *NEW*

Zoning Compliance Permit 


Building Inspections

The Building Inspections Division is responsible for review and approval of building construction plans, issuance of all building permits, and performing compliance inspections of all construction-related activities in accordance with the current North Carolina Building Code.  Building Inspections also issues permits for driveway connections to public streets and initiates the forms for electrical load management switches for new construction.  The professional staff has certified enforcement officers as well as a permit specialist.  Building Inspection's goal is to make inspections within one business of the date requested within the constraints imposed by heavy demand, inclement weather, etc.

If you have questions about our inspections procedure, would like to schedule an inspection, please call 919-553-5002 and ask for Inspections. 

Comprehensive List of Fees and Charges

Permit fees are largely comprised of four components - building permit fees, utility connection fees, water and sewer development fees, and transportation development fees.  You can view the fees in our Comprehensive List of Fees & Services to estimate your permit cost.  There may be small additional fees.


North Carolina State Building Codes

Johnston County GIS

NC contractor license Look-up:  For Plumbing, Heating and FireFor Electrical ContractorsFor General ContractorsLien Agent Information


The Engineering Division is responsible for development plan review, construction administration, State agency permitting, basic design, and a new development utility inspection.  Engineering also provides project management for the Town's capital projects - from parks to building to greenways.  A division of the Engineering Department is the Geographic Information Service (GIS) component for all of the Public Works Department.  Our GIS program relies on cooperation between Engineering, our Electrical Utility, and Planning/Zoning. 


EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2021 - The Town is pleased to announce Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program Delegation. On January 1, 2021, the Town of Clayton will be implementing plan review and permitting for Stormwater and Erosion Control. More details on this will be added to the website soon. See below for changes to the Code of Ordinances.

2020-09-07 Amendment to Code of Ordinances - Addition to Chapter 156

2020-11-01 Amendment to Code of Ordinances - Addition to Chapter 158

2020-11-02 Amendment to Comprehensive Fees, Stormwater, and Erosion

Listed below are the Applications and various forms that will you need for this new program.  Please contact our Town Stormwater Engineer if you have any questions about the Ordinances or forms.

Stormwater & Erosion Review Fees

Stormwater Maintenance Covenant

Stormwater Permit Application

Erosion Control Plan Review Application

Erosion Control Permit Application

Erosion Control Permit Transfer Request

Erosion Control Financial Responsibility Form

Example of Landowner-Builder Agreement

Homebuilder NCG01 Information

Homebuilder Erosion Control Plan


Town of Clayton’s Manual of Specifications, Standards and Design

Town of Clayton Manual



Design Appendices


Cross Connection Handbook
Guidelines and Requirements for the Cross Connection Program

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