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The Town of Clayton’s Cross Connection Control/Backflow Protection Program is responsible for ensuring the drinking water provided by the Town remains safe throughout our distribution system.
Click here to read the Town ordinance last revised in January 2020 
Click here to review our Cross Connection Handbook 

Backflow and cross connection control devices MUST be tested annually by a certified tester and reported back to www.bsionlinetracking.com for approval.   

As of December 1, 2018, the Town of Clayton will no longer accept backflow test reports. We've contracted with Backflow Solutions, Inc., the nation's leading backflow data management firm, which provides an online tracking system, BSI Online, to automate and simplify the process.

How do I get my backflow device tested?

BSI Online will send out a notice to residents and businesses 30 days prior to their testing due date.

If you received a notice, you will need to:

  1. Hire a registered backflow tester. Tester pricing is not regulated and can vary between companies. Customers are encouraged to compare prices prior to choosing a tester. If you're already using a tester, you should be able to find them by going to to this link for the list of approved testers
    • The Town of Clayton always works to promote support of local businesses. Below is a list of certified Clayton-based testers:




2AM Plumbing

Clayton, NC


All Pro Irrigation

Clayton, NC


  Andy Jones

 Clayton, NC 


Associated Fire Protection

Clayton, NC


Banks Irrigation

Clayton, NC


***BFPE International

Clayton, NC


Edwards Electronic System, Inc.

Clayton, NC


Handyman of Raleigh

Clayton, NC


Hydrant Mechanics

 Clayton, NC


J & D Sprinkler Co., Inc.

Clayton, NC


R. W. Graham Services

Clayton, NC


William Parrish Plumbing

Clayton, NC


***ONLY Test Commercial Backflow Devices    
  1. Provide your Customer Confirmation Number (CCN), located on the notice, to your Tester
  2. Check your test report status using your CCN 
  3. Always have the tester commit to a date that they will perform your work and request a copy of the test results for your records.
  4.  If you have any issues with a tester, please report any deficiency to us by calling 919-553-1530.

The backflow tester will need to:

  1. Perform the required test
  2. Submit all test reports through BSIOnlineTracking.com

Note: Town water customers can register free of charge with BSI Online to view backflow test information submitted to BSI by the tester on their behalf.

Tester Information

New Testers
All testers that wish to get on the town’s approved tester list must send copies of your school certification, equipment calibration, NC plumbing license (if applicable) to www.BSIonlinetracking.com

In many cases, testing is being completed, but results are not being reported in a timely manner. Testers who are found responsible for these delays risk being removed from our published list of certified professionals.   

We understand submitting test results is a shared responsibility with customers and the certified tester, that’s why we strongly encourage those parties to work together to ensure results are submitted promptly.

If you have any questions about our Cross Connection Control/Backflow Program, please email at backflow@TownofClaytonNC.org



It's against the law to discharge fats, oils and grease into our sewer system. That discharge can clog our sewer pipes, cause major expensive sewer overflows and expose the public to unsanitary conditions.

To prevent this discharge, the Town of Clayton, along with ALL towns and cities in our region, REQUIRES restaurants and other commercial/industrial facilities to remove accumulated fats, oil, grease and food solids by installing grease traps or interceptors designed to limit this discharge.

Those devices MUST be pumped a minimum of every two months. They should be pumped MORE OFTEN if the volume of discharge from your facility is higher. This is required by law under the Town of Clayton Sewer Use Ordinance, Chapter 52 Subsection Oil and Grease. This ordinance requires you to ensure your grease removal device does NOT exceed the discharge limits set for fats, oil and grease.

To meet this requirement, you are responsible for hiring a licensed hauler to capture and properly dispose of all fat, oil and grease materials from your device in such a way that is in compliance with these local laws.

Beginning in the fall of 2020, Fats, Oils and Grease Interceptor Maintenance Reports will be REQUIRED to be filed ONLINE at www.BSIonline.com. These reports can be submitted by you or the hauler performing the work for you. Most haulers are familiar with these procedures.

In an effort to start our transition to this online reporting, we've created a quick questionnaire BELOW that must be completed. Just fill out, hit submit and it will automatically be emailed to Brandon Carroll, Utility Compliance Technician, Town of Clayton Public Services.

If you have any questions, email or call Brandon at bcarroll@townofclayonnc.org or 919-359-1267.

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping to protect the community and our water resources from unsanitary sewer spills!

Fats, Oils & Grease Questionnaire


*Business Name: 
*Service Address: 
*Mailing Address:  
*Business/Facility Manager: 
*Manager Email:   
*Manager Phone:  
*Business Type:
*Do you have a grease trap?
*What size is your grease trap?  
*What type of grease trap do you have?  
*Physical location of your trap? 
*How often is the trap cleaned?  
*Who services your grease trap?  
*What is the contact info for this Service Contractor:  
Disposal Location:
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