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You need to register your alarm today! It's free and convenient!

The Town of Clayton is always trying to improve your safety and cut down on the hours our police and firefighters spend responding to false alarms. We get hundreds of false calls a year - putting our first responders in harm's way and wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Town of Clayton Alarm Ordinance states that any home or business with an alarm system in Town limits or in the 2-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) surrounding the Town MUST register and receive a permit from Town of Clayton Police Department.  It's free and easy with the form below.

We know accidental alarms are bound to happen, that's why the Town allows one false alarm per month.  But a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th false police alarm will cost you $50 each.  Additional false fire alarms will cost you $100 each.  If you have more than 6 false alarms in a year, the Town can revoke your permit and order the alarm system to be disconnected.  If you receive a false alarm fine, you can appeal using the form below.

Security/Fire Alarm Forms

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