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The Administrative Services Division consists of Records, Professional Standards and Internal Affairs, Training, Recruitment, Career Development,

Crime Prevention, Support Services, Accreditation, Property Control, Evidence Management, Traffic Unit, Community Action Team, Animal Control, and Code Enforcement.

  • Records: responsible for receiving, filing, and recalling copies of all reports prepared by members of the department; maintaining master index files, providing data and support documentation upon request; preparing activity reports, maintaining the department’s computerized record keeping programs, taxi and pawn store permits. Department reports are maintained in accordance with the Town of Clayton’s schedule for Records Retention. The Records Section also assists with crime analysis.  The Records Division enters and maintains data from Johnston County 911 so that it is available to the public and department at any time. We are able to produce a variety of maps and charts with the information and utilize this data to assist us in the effective deployment of resources. This process also allows information sharing between agencies, thereby increasing our effectiveness.  The Records Section is open to the public Monday-Friday from 8:00AM – 6:00PM (except holidays) and may be contacted at 919-553-4611 ext. 7410.  You may also obtain records here.

  • Professional Standards: responsible for the supervision and control of investigations of alleged or suspected misconduct by departmental personnel. Internal Affairs and Supervisory Investigations of alleged or suspected misconduct are coordinated through Professional Standards. Command level officers, designated by the Chief of Police, conduct Internal Affairs investigations. The Administrative Services Commander maintains all Internal Affairs investigative files.  The Clayton Police Department assesses the conduct of its employees on a continuing basis in order to ensure that all officers and civilians represent the agency in a positive manner. Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality service to the public that is possible. In order to meet that goal we must ensure that each employee shares the department’s vision of commitment and professionalism in all that they do. Each complaint that comes to the attention of the department is investigated and the department maintains communication with the complainant throughout the process. The Clayton Police Department is dedicated to open and transparent communication with the community. Therefore all matters of complaint and the related findings are discussed and documented.

  • Accreditation: responsible for the management of the department’s accreditation files, and shall be assisted by other assigned personnel from time to time as needed. The Accreditation Manager is responsible for ensuring that periodically required activities (reports, reviews, and inspections) relevant to the accreditation standards are conducted within established guidelines.

  • Property Control:  responsible for the storage, control and accountability of department property and the issuance and accountability of department equipment rests with the property control officer(s).

  • Evidence Management:  supports field operations with the collection and preservation of physical evidence at crime scenes, by recording the scene with thorough and complete documentation. This component is also responsible for the preservation, control and accountability of non-department property, including confiscated property, found property and case evidence. A Forensics/Evidence Management Specialist is assigned for the purpose of performing functions in support of these components.

  • Inspections: All supervisory personnel are responsible for ensuring that members of the Police Department adhere to established policies and procedures. The Administrative Services Division Commander is responsible for ensuring periodic inspections are conducted to establish and monitor compliance with departmental policies and procedures.

  • Training Coordinator:  provides for recruit and in-service training programs that address the needs of the department, schedules re-certification and other classes that are required or requested.

  • Personnel Activities:  responsible for recruitment of qualified applicants; employee relations within the department; liaison with Human Resources; career counseling; employee benefit counseling, and other activities outlined in Departmental Policy and Procedure.

  • Grant preparation and management

  • Planning and Research

  • Public Information

  • Crime Prevention Programs

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