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Online Access to Permits: 

ePermits is an online service that allows registered contractors to request permits, upload documents, schedule inspections and track results 24 hours a day! The system also allows anyone from the public to search for permits, however, the public can not yet create or request permits.  


At this time ONLY REGISTERED LICENSED CONTRACTORS can request RESIDENTIAL, SINGLE TRADE, HVAC permits. Contractors who are registered on the portal CAN upload documents, schedule inspections and tract results 24 hours a day.

Click to visit the zoning code or Unified Development Code (UDC).

Stone Ridge

There are a number of projects and processes that require permits or approvals, including starting a new business, new development, subdivision of land, modifying a building (commercial or residential), putting up a fence, or installing a sign.

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  • Want to find out the deadline to submit?
    Check out our 2020 Submittal and Meeting Calendar
  • Do I have to go before Town Council?
    Review our Application Process
  • Want to determine the potential development fees should your proposal be approved?
    Please contact Rich Cappola for an estimate of these fees
  • Need a fence, shed, or garage permit?
    It’s all in our Accessory Structure Guide Sheet.
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