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The Town is updating the Clayton Unified Development Code (UDC), the policy guide that governs our zoning and subdivision regulations.

Most of the proposed amendments are required by recent state legislative changes to local government planning and development regulation – also known as Chapter 160D. Additional updates to the UDC (Chapter 155) of the Town’s ordinances were also proposed in an effort to align the Town’s existing code with best practices. On February 15, 2021, Town Council adopted Chapter 160D.


A few significant changes with the 160D regulations include the following.

  • Site plans will be reviewed through the Technical Review Committee (TRC) process. Site plans will no longer go to the Planning Board for final approval. This will save a substantial amount of time.  
  • Major Subdivisions will be reviewed through the TRC and will no longer be a quasi-judicial procedure. Major subdivisions will not go to Town Council but will be reviewed by internal and external TRC departments. Neighborhood meetings are still required for items that no longer go to Town Council so that the community and neighbors are still informed.

    A note on changes to Quasi-Judicial (QJ) Procedures: QJ means that public input on a project must be evidence based and offered by a neighbor in close proximity to the property. This procedure makes it difficult for the public to have input on major subdivisions and planned developments. Since Major Subdivisions will now be legislative through the Conditional Zoning Process, anyone will be able to address an item at the Town Council meeting regardless of their proximity to the location.   
  • Planned Developments will become conditional zoning and will no longer be quasi-judicial.  
  • Conditional Uses will become Special Use Permits.

Ordinance changes not directly reflected by 160D include:

  • An update to the Table of Permitted Uses. This update was made as part of the change mandated that conditional use permits become special use permits.  
  • A requirement that no more than 10 percent of a commercial district façade can be metal.

The FINAL APPROVED COPY of the ordinance amendment changes is listed below in full.




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