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TriangleMTB, the area's top mountain biking group, describes Clayton's course as good for both beginners and advanced riders.


"A little bit of everything here," the site says. "Freeriders take note. Hucksville is located here. A skills area has been set up near the parking lot. It has several skinnies, drops and jumps of varying difficulty."

Here's the site's trail descriptions:


Beginners and expert riders alike are trying their luck at the new skills area located in the parking lot behind the kiosk. Phase I of this area includes 2 skinnies, one at 8" and one at 12" wide . While both are of a reasonable height, each one possesses it's own challenges. Also found in this area is a 3 prong jump/drop stunt ranging from 1.5' to 3.5' high. This solidly built stunt will inspire confidence and have you flying in no time. Phase II includes a zig zag skinny, and three jumps to hone your skills on.

Main Trail starts at the kiosk, located at the lower half of the parking lot. This trail will give riders access to every trail and blast you through the "ravine" and take you by "Hucksville."

Hucksville is home to some of the biggest and coolest hucks/drop around. We have multiple drops/jumps for the extreme riders to try. There is a gap jump, gulley drop, the original drop or huck(your choice) and the Fatire drop. To total, there are five options for defying gravity. Good luck!

Allen's Trail is the first loop off of the Main Trail. This is a "difficult" rated trail with lots of short ups and downs and serves as a great warm-up for the advanced rider.

The "Clayton Shore" is at the outer most bend and gives daring riders over 150' of elevated stunts to try their luck on.

Short Loop/Long Loop are the original trails in this system. Low land riding along the Sims Creek, several boardwalk section and a couple of climbs to keep you honest. This trail features technical rock garden, multiple log stacks and various rock obstacles for play spots on these loops. All of the above mentioned trails are considered to be the "lower trails." Trail rating is "easy" to "moderate."

Harvey's Pond is the first trail in the group of trails, know as the "upper trails." The loop rides
along Harvey's Pond and serves as a climb reliever to the "ravine." Trail rating is "moderate".

Little-Big Horn is located at the southern most end of the Main Trail. This trail features lots of
rolling single track with log stack and a bare-back log ride. Trail rating is "moderate."

Larry's Loop is located at the outer most point of Little-Big Horn and is also at he highest point of all the trails. This is the other "difficult" rated trail and features off-camber sections, narrow bridges and hard climbs to toughen the challenge.

Magnolias Run is the longest of all the upper trails and like Little-Big Horn was built to be ridden from the top down. This trail features bench-cut contour riding, several fast downhill sections and a double switchback climb. Trail rating is "moderate." No trail has a mandatory direction, riders can ride any trail in any direction.

The park is open from 8 am to 11 pm. Riding is free.

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