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Welcome the Town of Clayton, North Carolina

Two stations with a growing area to cover.


Station 1 - 325 West Horne Street, Clayton NC 27520

This station opened in 2005 replacing the much older original Station 1 that was part of the 1927 Town Hall building that now sits empty at 231 East Second Street. This modern station serves as the department headquarters and houses administrative offices, training facilities, physical fitness room, dayroom, kitchen, bedrooms.  We even have  and even a laundry room where we can wash our own turnout gear, which saves the Town the money by not sending our gear out for cleaning. The station includes six bays and is home to Battalion 1, Engine 1, Rescue 1, Engine 12, Fire Support 1/Boat and water rescue equipment, our Reserve Engine, and an ATV used for rescues in remote areas or at congested areas during events. Our Trench / Collapse unit is also assigned to Station 1. We also have the air machine here used to fill the tanks with compressed air that we sometimes need for breathing in fires or other hazardous situations.

Station 2

Station 2 - 800 NC 42 Highway East, Clayton NC 27520

Opened in 2000, Station 2 has three bays, a day room and an office. In 2007, it was expanded to include sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and an extended bay. Station 2 is the home Squad 2,  Engine 2, Brush 2, and an ATV used for wild land firefighting. Station 2 covers five acres and is used in conjunction with the Town of Clayton Parks and Recreation Department. The area behind the station serves as a training area, and also includes the Town's newest water tower.


Each station is fully equipped for full-time personnel that work 24-hour shifts and part-time personnel that work 12-hour shifts.   Station 1 is home to a full-time Battalion Chief, Engine 1 staffing which consists of a full-time Captain and Engineer and up to two part-time firefighters, Rescue 1 staffing which consists of a full-time Engineer and a Firefighter, and our Administrative personnel (Fire Chief, Deputy Chiefs, and Admin Support Specialist). Station 2 is home to Squad 2 staffing which consists of a full-time Captain and Engineer and up to two part-time firefighters. To save the Town money the firefighters do all the cleaning of the building and maintain the engines and equipment, unless repairs are needed from outside vendors.

Apparatus / Equipment

New E1Engine 1 is a pumper-tanker, hold 1000 gallons of water, and is used for our first out at Station 1. It also carries a 2000 gallon portable tank and a TNT    Rescue Combi-tool to assist at automobile crashes or other rescues.



Rescue 1 is a heavy rescue truck based at Station 1. It carries most of the equipment required for our heavy rescue provider certification, and we use it for technical rescues such as extrications at vehicle accidents, building collapses and confined-space, rope and water rescues. That includes the Jaws of Life, wooden cribbing, generators, winches, rescue jacks, cutting torches, circular saws and other support equipment used at structure fires.

Engine 4Engine 12 is a pumper/tanker, holds 1000 gallons of water, and is used as a "second out" Engine from Station 1. This Engine is also kept "in-service" for immediate needs such as training or if another engine has to go out of service for maintenance, repair, etc.



Engine 5Squad 2 is a pumper/tanker, holds 1000 gallons of water, and is used for our first out at Station 2. It also carries an assortment of rescue/truck equipment ranging from vehicle extrication, ropes, water rescue, and other truck work type equipment. Squad 2 is designed to work in conjunction with our Heavy Rescue.



engine1Engine 2 is a pumper, holds 500 gallons of water, and is used as the 2nd out Engine at Station 2 when responding to emergencies.




Engine 2Reserve 100 holds 1000 gallons of water and is always on standby at Station 1.  Designated as our "reserve" engine, this engine is put in service when other engines are out of service for maintenance or repairs.




Fire Support 1 carries equipment for water rescue, various fire ground rehab supplies, and supplies needed for an incident command post at significant incidents.  It is at Station 1

ATV4 is used for search and rescue and woods fires and is equipped with a back board and stokes basket for patient transport and a medical bag for patient care.

ATV6 is used for search and rescue and woods fires and is equipped with 50 gallons of water to fight woods fires.

Trench/Collapse 1 is a trailer that carries trench rescue and collapse equipment.

Pet Oxygen Masks

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