How will construction impact the general public?

The site is in the woods near the Neuse River. An access road will be built to accommodate construction traffic from Covered Bridge Road. Traffic studies and turn lanes will be used to minimize the impacts of construction traffic. The project will also impact at least a portion of the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse Greenway in the vicinity of the existing Neuse 2 Pump Station.

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1. Why take on this project now?
2. Will this project increase wastewater rates?
3. How much will rates increase?
4. Are developers and businesses paying their fair share of the costs?
5. Why can’t we send our wastewater to another community for treatment?
6. Compared to the old plant, will the new plant be better for the environment?
7. How long will it take to build the plant?
8. How will construction impact the general public?