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Welcome the Town of Clayton, North Carolina

We have ample parking in and around Downtown Clayton.


There is a lot of parking in Downtown Clayton!  Most streets have on-street parking and there are public lots in many places including Horne Square and Town Square.  Public lots are designated by a blue sign with a white "P" in the center.  You may need to park a block or two away from your destination-but we hope you encouraged to walk and experience ALL that Downtown Clayton has to offer!

Here are some parking guidelines:

  • Parallel park within 18 inches of the curb.
  • Park in the direction of travel. Parking in a way that your left tires are at the curb is prohibited.
  • No overnight parking in Municipal parking lots.
    • Operating hours for all designated municipal parking lots is between 5:30 AM and 11:00 PM on Sunday to Thursday.
    • Operating hours for all designated municipal parking lots shall be between 5:30 AM and 12:00 midnight on Friday and Saturday.
  • Parking is prohibited on
    • Sidewalks
    • In front of a public or private driveway
    • Within an intersection
    • Within 30 feet of an intersection
    • On a crosswalk or within 30 feet of the approach to any flashing beacon, stop sign, or traffic-control signal
    • Within 20 feet of the driveway entrance to any fire station, and on the side of a street opposite the entrance to any fire station within 75 feet of the entrance when properly marked
    • Alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction when stopping, standing, or parking would obstruct traffic
    • On any bridge or other elevated structure or within any underpass structure
    • Within an officially designated fire lane
    • Within five feet of a private road or driveway
  • Parking on One-Way Streets is restricted.  No person shall stand or park a vehicle upon the left-hand side of that one-way roadway unless signs are erected to permit such standing or parking.
  • Parking vehicles for sale or maintenance is prohibited. No person shall stand or park a vehicle upon any street for the principal purposes of:
    • Displaying it for sale
    • Washing, greasing, or repairing a vehicle, except repairs necessary in emergency situations
    • Storage thereof by garages, dealers, or other persons
    • Storage of any detached trailer or van when the towing unit has been disconnected, or for the purpose of transferring merchandise or freight from one vehicle to another
    • Parking for advertising purposes. No person shall stand or park a vehicle on any street for the primary purpose of advertising except in the case of political signs as provided for in § 155.083(C) of the Zoning Ordinance.


Parking Ordinance

The Town of Clayton's complete Parking Ordinance is available to read online. There's also a list of streets where parking is either prohibited, restricted by hours or designated for handicap accessibility.

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