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Welcome the Town of Clayton, North Carolina

Click the photo to the left and you'll see - 1969 was a year to remember in Clayton. 

The men grew beards. Families dressed in pioneer clothing. There were parades, concerts, special tours, three grand balls, class reunions, old-fashioned bargain days with merchants, fireworks, a Miss Centennial coronation, a time capsule burial, an anniversary seal design contest, T-shirts, commemorative coins and an elaborate 90-minute stage production about Clayton’s history with a cast of hundreds! 

The Clayton community came together in incredible solidarity to mark the 100th anniversary of our town, to the point that they even created a state-registered Centennial Corporation aimed to “direct a proper celebration for the occasion,” generously funded by the citizens of Clayton. 

Now, 50 years later, it’s time for the community to come together again to celebrate the Town of Clayton’s 150th Anniversary!

On behalf of the Clayton Historical Association, Clayton Mayor Jody McLeod is inviting everyone - whether you have lived here your whole life or are a recent transplant - to be part of our Sesquicentennial Celebration. Your experience in Clayton is a valuable piece of our larger story. The Mayor has assembled a Sesquicentennial Advisory Committee to help guide a year-long birthday celebration, to be kicked off April 12-13, 2019 - 150 years after the founding of our town. They'll need your help! Share your ideas, your memories, your stories and your hopes for Clayton's 150th year and all those years that will follow! Bookmark this page - - and keep checking back for updates! 

What are your ideas for the biggest birthday party Clayton has ever seen?

A parade, historic home tour, a time capsule? Share your ideas for the April 12-13th kick-off or for events throughout our 150th year!

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I would love to volunteer to help with the 150th!

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Share your Clayton story!

Clayton is a wonderful community...embracing the old and welcoming the new! We’d love to hear your family’s story of coming to and living in Clayton. To help shape your story please answer the questions below. We’d love any old photos you might want to share!

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