City Hall - Clayton, NC
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Civil War Marker Downtown Gets Sidewalk

Summer 2010

The Civil War marker on Town Square--the one that tells the story of how Clayton and Raleigh were spared General Sherman's wrath as he marched to the sea--has gotten a little sprucing up in recent days.

Donnie Baker of the Streets Department, an accomplished brick worker, put in a brick sidewalk to the marker that's as much a work of art as something to walk on.

"He is teaching some of the other guys this trade while doing some fantastic work for us," said Streets & Property Maintenance Superintendent Steve Blasko.

Union General William T. Sherman, whose famous "March to the Sea" left massive destruction in its wake across the south, met in Clayton with former Governors David L. Swain and William A. Graham who persuaded him to spare the area in what a witness to the meeting called "an animated conversation."