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Another Victim in Possible Motorcycle Theft Ring

Updated March 14, 2013

Yet another motorcycle has been stolen in Clayton where police detectives are busy continuing to work leads on a possible motorcycle theft ring.  The fourth and latest theft happened March 13, 2013 at 918 Parkside Village Drive where a 2007 Honda CBR 600RR was stolen from the parking lot of Parkside Apartments.  It was valued at $8,000.  That is the same complex where another sport bike was stolen in January.

Already the public has been instrumental in helping this investigation.  Shortly after reporting the first 3 stolen bikes on March 7th, we received several tips that led to the recovery of one of those bikes.  We're asking the public to continue with that assistance.  If you've see any of these bikes or know who may have taken them, please call CrimeStoppers at 919-359-TIPZ (8479) or Detective Jason Linder at 919-553-4611.


Updated March 7, 2013

Clayton Police Detectives are investigating a possible motorcycle theft ring, after three sport bikes were stolen in a month's time from the same general area. They all happened over the weekend and during the early morning hours.  It appears they were all hauled away, not driven away.  One was even locked up. Detectives believe the bikes are either sold or broken down and sold for parts.

The first bike was stolen on January 21, 2013 from the Parkside Condominiums parking lot at 1838 Parkside Village Drive.  It was a 2012 Honda CBR 1000RR with a black windshield and was valued at $14,700.00.

The second bike was stolen February 25, 2013 from Fran's Auto Mart at 11252 US 70 Business Hwy West. It was stolen from the dealership while parked under a metal roof shelter. The motorcycle had been secured with a chain lock attached to the front rim of the motorcycle. It was a 2006 Honda CBR 1000 valued at $8,000.00.

The third bike was stolen two days later on February 27, 2013 from Amelia Village Apartments at 630 Kershaw Lane.  It was stolen from the parking lot of the apartment building.  It was a 2008 Yamaha Yzf R6s valued at $4,500.00.

As these thefts prove, the only full-proof way to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen is to lock it up in a building. 

If you have any information about what happened to these motorcycles, please call Crime Stoppers 919-359-TIPZ (8479) or Detective Jason Linder at 919-553-4611.