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Clayton Store Clerk Arrested in Lottery Scam 

A 19-year-old convenience store clerk was arrested two days after Christmas when Clayton police determined she cashed a customer's winning lottery ticket and pocketed the money.  

Kathleen Patricia McClusky of 1406 Tulip Street in Clayton, was arrested on December 27, 2012 for a felony of obtaining property by false pretense. 

On Sunday, December 23th, around 4 p.m., 45-year-old Luis Flores-Bautista of Clayton called police to the Kangaroo Service Station at 10081 US Hwy. 70 Business West. Flores-Bautista reported that he bought three lottery scratch off tickets earlier in the day from the store.  He said he scratched them off in the parking lot and two of the tickets were winning tickets: one for $17.00 and the other for $50.00.  Flores-Bautista reported that when he went back in the store to redeem his winnings, the clerk gave him the $17.00, but told him the $50.00 ticket was not a winner and tossed it into the trash can.  He then left the store. 

After speaking with a friend, Flores-Bautista walked back in the store and demanded the ticket back.  He told officers he then took the ticket to another store where that store informed him that the ticket had already cashed out and was no longer valid.  That's when Flores-Bautista returned to the Kangaroo and called the police.

After a lengthy investigation, Detective Brian Temple, working with the manager from the Kangaroo and the NC Lottery Commission, was able to determine the clerk had cashed the $50.00 winning ticket and pocketed the cash for herslef after Flores-Bautista left the store.  Det. Temple obtained a warrant and arrested the clerk Thursday (12-27-12).

At last check, McCluskey was in the Johnston County Jail under a $15,000.00 secured bond.