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Below you'll find all the agendas from our Town Council meetings prior to 2016. For 2016 and forward, please click here. 

The agendas are the full packets given to our elected officials and they're sometimes more than 200 pages long.  Please be patient as they may take some time to download.

Click here to review the full minutes of our Town Council meetings from December 1999 to the present.

For questions about Town Council meetings, contact the Town Clerk at 919-553-5002.

2016 Agendas

2015 Agendas

The FY2015-2016 Budget is set to be approved at this meeting.

Budget Public Hearing

Town Management will present a draft of the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 budget to Town Council. The public is welcome to attend!

2014 Agendas

2013 Agendas

2012 Agendas

2011 Agendas

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