City Hall - Clayton, NC
For Residents

 East Clayton Dog Park - 2027 Glen Laurel Road

Open from sunrise till sunset seven days a week, the park has two separate enclosures. The small dog area may not only be used by dogs under 20 pounds, but also is a great area for a dog to rehab after surgery and also may be used for personal training when other dogs aren’t present.  The large dog area is approximately one acre and amenities include rocks, a tunnel and benches and a fire hydrant! Water is available in each fenced area and a wash station is available near the entrance.  Bags for droppings and trash containers are provided at multiple locations. There are also picnic tables outside the fenced areas.

To keep the park safe and clean, follow these rules:

  • State law requires your dog to have a current rabies vaccination and wear the rabies tag.
  • Bags for droppings are provided and town ordinance requires you to clean up after your pet.
  • Observe your pet the entire time in the enclosed area.
  • Dogs must be on leash until entering the enclosures. Each fenced area includes a bullpen. This is where you can safely unleash/leash your dog when entering/exiting.
  • Dogs may NOT be on leash inside enclosures.  This can lead to aggressive behavior.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted inside the fenced areas, including in car seats and strollers. 
  • Children over 12 should be closely supervised. Some dogs do not live around children and certain breeds are not always child friendly. Even though your child may not be afraid of dogs, multiple dogs that are playing and running present a danger to a small child who may fall or get knocked down. Children running around can also excite dogs that are already in an excited state. Remember also that dogs communicate sometimes by growling or snapping at each other.
  • Personal toys or treats may not be brought into enclosed areas when more than one dog is present.
  • Smoking and/or eating are not permitted inside the enclosed areas. There are picnic tables located around the park.
  • No more than 3 dogs per adult and no puppies less than 4 months are allowed.
  • Choke/prong/or pinch collars are not allowed.  Animals can injure themselves when playing with these types of collars on.
  • Conducting professional dog training is prohibited without permission of Parks and Recreation.
  • Owners must wear shirts and shoes while at the park.
  • No dogs in heat.

 **Dog bites and emergencies should be reported to 9-1-1.   Other concerns should be reported to Parks and Recreation at 919-553-1550.

The Dog Park is a fun place for your pet to exercise and to socialize with other dogs. Following the basic rules will make for a positive experience for you and your pet. If your dog should be engaged in a fight remember to try and distract the animals and not place your hands or body between the dogs. Use water or a whistle as yelling can only add to the frenzy. If your dog is not involved in the fight move him to a neutral area.  Dog fights are very rare but they can happen.