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  • 2015 Brings Changes in Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste Collection - PLEASE read these new rules!
  • Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste Schedule for 2015 (PDF)
  • Color Coded Recycling Calendar (PDF)
  • Recycle Materials (PDF)

     **The schedules above are subject to change due to things such as bad weather, unusually large volumes of trash or landfill closures during the holidays. Every effort is made to notify customers in advance of any changes when feasible.  Bottom line...if our crews don't come on your scheduled pick-up day, they'll come the next day.  If they don't show up the next day, give us a call at 919-553-1530!** 

    The Town of Clayton performs an extensive program of solid waste removal and disposal, both with in-house forces and under contract to a private hauler. Household waste removal including garbage and curbside recycling are provided on a contract basis with a private waste hauler. Any missed pick-ups, cart repairs, or other calls for service should be directed to the Operations Center at 919-553-1530.

    Yard waste pick-up is accomplished by a hybrid of contracted and in-house forces depending on the material, means of packaging, and season. Yard waste may include grass clippings, leaves and pine straw, trimmings, and limbs. All materials must be packaged and placed curbside in accordance with the Town of Clayton Solid Waste Ordinance.  Leaves, clippings, and trimmings are picked-up on a year-round basis by the contracted waste hauler and must be placed in a container of no greater than fifty gallons in size.

    The Town’s contracted waste collector will collect limbs placed at curbside, but the limbs must be no greater than four inches in diameter and no longer than six feet in length, or if between four and ten inches in diameter must be cut to two food lengths. Limbs should be stacked neatly behind the curb or sidewalk with cut ends towards the street. A maximum of seven cubic yards of limbs may be placed curbside for collection at any one time.

    Loose leaf collection is October 1st and January 31st. The Town performs curbside vacuum collection of loose leaves. This service is provided the next business day following your regularly scheduled garbage service day.  For instance, if your regular garbage service day is Monday, leaves will be collected on Tuesday; those with garbage service on Friday will have leaves removed on Monday .  Leaves should be placed behind the curb,  not in the gutter or in the drainage ditch.  The vacuum route is ran each week between these dates; however, during the peak of the collection season a weekly pick-up may not be possible due to Town-wide volume. Leaves must be free of all debris, to include trash, sticks, limbs, rocks, soil, and clippings.

    A customer may request a Special Pick-Up to have additional waste materials such as larger amounts of yard waste, household debris, furniture, “white goods,” etc. removed. A special pick-up will be charged back to the customer based on the collection and disposal cost of the material.  Click here to see the Fees for special pick-ups.

    Finally, due to complex and strict regulations regarding disposal of solid waste it is very important that you do not mix different types of waste, such as placing yard waste in your garbage container or mingling trash with yard waste.

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