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Clayton Public Power

Clayton Public Power owns and operates its own electric distribution system for service to the majority of residential and business customers within the Town Limits. Clayton also owns a small percentage of the generating capacity in the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, as necessary to supply its customers with clean, reliable, and cost effective service.

Clayton Public Power is affiliated with ElectriCities of North Carolina, a not-for-profit association of fifty-one municipal electric providers across the State. ElectriCities is a support association providing information and training support to organization members. All policies and rates are adopted by the local elected body and Clayton Public Power operates as an independent entity. For additional information on ElectriCities or Public Power go to or for more details.

Clayton Public Power provides a premium level of service for customers by being “close to home.” In the event of a storm or other calamity our linemen are nearby, ready to respond, and very knowledgeable of the system and how it operates. Our electric department includes nine employees consisting of a Department Director, an Electric System Supervisor, and seven Electric Line Technicians.d Business and residential customers can seek advice on ways to save on their energy costs by contacting our department and requesting an energy audit.  You can learn more about how to conserve and review a model of your energy consumption profile at the Energy Depot, a web based service designed to educate and compare on ways to save energy.

Clayton Public Power offers an innovative and very cost effective special program as a means to allow residential customers to significantly reduce their cost of electricity. The Load Management Program is a subscription based system whereby the load of certain appliances is removed by a radio frequency controlled switch during periods of peak demand. Customers who take advantage of Load Management receive a substantial credit on their monthly billing as incentive to participate and share in the savings. Load Management is the most effective way to reduce your cost of electricity and we have nearly 100% satisfaction level from program participants.

Our electric department also provides customer leased security (area or parking lot) lighting at very reasonable rates. Download a light application/contract for more information.

You may also report street lights which are not burning or may be cycling on and off via the attached reporting form or by calling the Operations Center at 919-553-5002.

From time to time we hear the question, “Why is the Town of Clayton in the electric business?” The simple answer is to ensure that our customers have a reliable source of electricity for their homes and businesses. In the early 1900’s when the household use of electricity was becoming more established, the major power providers, Progress Energy and Duke Power, were concentrating on providing service to the larger metropolitan areas like Raleigh, Wilmington, Durham, and Charlotte. These major players had constructed transmission lines across country in order to supply power in these larger more densely populated areas. Some of the smaller towns along these transmission routes negotiated with the major providers to purchase wholesale power from them and they would construct their own electric distribution systems. This way the municipalities could speed progress along by providing the much desired electricity for their own citizens and at the same time generate a diverse revenue stream to support local services. Some of the towns in the immediate area who own and operate their own electric systems include the towns of Smithfield, Selma, Benson, Apex, Wake Forest, and of course Clayton.

The Town of Clayton's electric system was established in December 1913 with about three hundred customers and has grown to just over five thousand at the present time.

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