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The Planning, Inspections & Engineering Departments review projects for compliance with the zoning code and help you better understand those requirements.

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There are a number of projects and processes that require permits or approvals, including starting a new business, new development, subdivision of land, modifying a building (commercial or residential), putting up a fence, or installing a sign.

REMEMBER - before you dig, always call 811!

Applications, Forms & Permits

All the applications and permits you need - at your finger tips!  Many things that need to be done in our community need a form or a permit.  If you don't see what you're looking for here, please check out our Forms & Fees page for additional forms and applications.

Administrative Amendment
Administrative Appeal
Conditional Use
Major Site Plan
Minor Site Plan
Owner's Consent Form
Road Name Approval
Signs - Permanent Sign Permit
Signs - Alternative Sign Plan Application
Special Event
Special Use
Subdivision - Final Plat, Minor Subdivision Plat
Subdivision - Major Subdivision (Preliminary Subdivision)
Subdivision - Recombination Plat or Exempt Plat
Temporary Sign Permit
Temporary Use Permit
Wastewater Allocation Request
Zoning Compliance 

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