City Hall - Clayton, NC
Our Government

Mayor and Town Council

Currently, the Clayton Town Council meets on the first and third Monday each month at 6:30 PM at the Town Hall located at 111 East Second Street. Council meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend to learn about the issues before the Town Council.

Elections for Town Council are held on odd numbered years in the month of November. The Town's elections are nonpartisan (no party affiliation) and plurality (popular vote wins and no run-off) with the Mayor and Council members serving four year staggered terms.

Our Town Council today is much different than in 1869! If you'd like to learn about the history of Clayton's Town Council and Mayor, click our History Page.

If you're confused about how Town Council operates or by government jargon, check out this user-friendly Council 101 Guide!

Our Town Council is always looking ahead and planning for the future - check out their Vision and Goals for 2025 here!

Qualifications for the offices of Mayor or Council include:

  • Resident of the Town of Clayton
  • Registered to vote
  • US Citizen
  • 21 years of age
  • Not convicted of a felony

Town Council Members:  

Seated left to right: Councilman R.S. “Butch Lawter Jr., Mayor Pro Tem Michael Grannis, Mayor Jody L. McLeod, and Councilman Bob Satterfield.

Standing left to right:  Former Town Clerk Sherry Scoggins, Town Attorney Brenton McConkey, Councilman Art Holder, Town Manager Steve Biggs, Councilman Jason Thompson, and Deputy Town Manager Nancy Medlin. 

Mayor Jody L. McLeod
406 S. Fayetteville St.
Clayton, NC 27520-2437
(919) 291-5662 (Home)
Serving Since - Dec. 2003
Term Expires -  2015

Councilman Michael Grannis
507 East Second Street
Clayton, NC 27520
(919) 550-8547 (Home)
Serving Since - Dec 2005
Term Expires - 2017

Councilman Bob Satterfield
2045 Walden Way
Clayton, NC 27527-9555
(919) 553-2273 (Work)
(919) 422-3197 (Cell)
Serving Since - Dec. 1997
Term Expires - 2017

Councilman R.S. "Butch" Lawter, Jr.
467 East Second Street
Clayton, NC 27520
(919) 218-2834 (Cell)
Serving Since - Jan 2009
Term Expires - 2015

Councilman Art Holder
16 Oakmont Court
Clayton, NC 27527
(919) 550-2693 (Home)
(919) 320-4900 (Cell)
Serving Since - Dec. 2009
Term Expires - 2017

Councilman Jason Thompson
215 West Blanche Street
Clayton, NC 27520
(919) 320-5090 (Cell)
Serving Since - Dec. 2011
Term Expires - 2015

October 20th, 2014, our new Town Clerk Kimberly Moffett joined the Town of Clayton.  She can be reached at or by calling 919-553-5002.

Printable Version of Council Contact Information (PDF)

Printable Version of Council Liaison and Committee Assignments (PDF)

Printable Version of Council Rules of Procedures; adopted 9/4/2012(PDF)

Current and Recent Budgets